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Profugo Field Fellowship

Profugo Field Fellowship

Profugo Field Fellowship

About Profugo Field Fellowship


Profugo is a grassroots non-profit organization involved in International Development. Profugo’s goal is to provide access to the tools that enable individuals to build a better quality of life. We accomplish our goal through what we call our Center of Development. The Center of Development is a three-pronged approach to community development that encompasses Health & Wellness, Human Development, and Social Capital.


Our Field Fellowship opportunity is a highly competitive program offered to young professionals or Masters Students. Our program offers credit to master’s students who must complete their field practicum in order to graduate. Field Fellows coordinate a specific project or program at our Center of Development in India and get great hands-on experience working alongside local staff and community members. Our Fellowship program is 6 months -1 year in duration but longer or shorter terms of service may be considered depending on the circumstances.




The Profugo Field Fellowship is a great opportunity for young professionals to get hands on experience working in International Development. We are looking for qualified candidates to commit 6 months-1 year to working in Prashanthagiri Village in Wayanad, India. You will be responsible for 1) Overseeing a project or program that is suited to your interests and skill set and 2) Supporting local staff and other field fellows withother programs as needed. Initiatives will vary depending on the communities needs but will fall under the umbrella of our three-pronged approach (Health & Wellness, Social Capital, and Human Capital). Specifically, we are looking for individuals who have a background in education (TESL), engineering, business/social entrepreneurship, sustainable agriculture, or sustainable tourism. Individuals will be appropriately tasked to projects and programs aligned with their expertise. For example, an individual with an engineering background would be involved with natural resource management projects and an individual with a business background would help develop our Enterprise Incubation Program that supports entrepreneurs, self-help groups, and small businesses. Responsibilities will include: organizing, engaging and educating the community to participate in projects, managing community initiatives, building strategic partnerships and facilitating educational workshops. Projects should be conducted in a way that engages and empowers the community. An emphasis should be placed on programs that can be self-managed by the community (identifying local leaders who can advocate, promote, schedule, or manage initiatives is imperative). Initiatives should consider sustainable, low cost, and practical solutions that take into consideration the COD’s future plans. In addition, the projects should reflect the Profugo Mission. You will be responsible for collaborating with community members, Profugo Team Members, and local experts to organize and implement these projects. You will report to the US Executive Director and will also be assigned a local supervisor.


Characteristics of a Field Fellow:


• Entrepreneurial.
• Team Player.
• Background in education/engineering/business/agriculture.
• Flexible and open-minded.
• Willing to take initiative.
• Knowledgeable and passionate about business development, women empowerment, social entrepreneurship, sustainable engineering, farming, agriculture, natural resource management, education, or teaching.
• Cross-cultural experience a plus.

Types of Responsibilities/Objectives:

• Weekly Conference Calls and also report to Profugo HQ regarding your schedule on a weekly basis.
• Project Development Updates: Evaluate projects on a monthly basis to make program improvements and submit bi-weekly and monthly reports as required by Profugo HQ.
• Clearly understand the vision of the COD and design programs in a way that furthers the Profugo vision.
• Build strategic partnerships with organizations that can enhance the knowledge and development of the Children’s Programs, Community Education, Natural Resource Management initiatives, Sustainable Farming Practices, or income generation programs.
• Implement projects where community members can benefit by learning, participating, or even replicating on their own.
• Conduct yourself in a way that is representative of Profugo.


Costs: Profugo will provide room, board, and a modest stipend.


How To Apply: Please fill out our Field Fellow Application an submit along with your resume/CV and recommendation letters by April 15, 2019.Email any questions to GetInvolved(at)Profugo.org


Position: Profugo Field Fellow
Duration: 6 months to 1 year
Vacation Time: 30 days for 12 month service (average: 2.5 days/month)
Hours Per Week: Full-time


For details refer Official Website


Information Document Profugo-2019-Field-Fellowship –  Profugo Field Fellowship


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