Foundation For Excellence Scholarships

Foundation For Excellence Scholarships 2015-16

Simple program that makes a life changing difference

The Scholarship Program provides financial and other assistance to students for their higher education in India. Assistance is available to any qualified student, irrespective of the applicant's caste, community, gender or religion. To qualify for a scholarship, an applicant must be studying in a course approved by the Foundation and meet specified eligibility criteria.

Overview : The primary focus of the Scholarship Program is to assist students for studies in professional courses leading to degrees in engineering, technology, or medicine.

Preliminary Scholarship Applications for Academic Year 2015-16 are now open. Apply Now .

If you have any queries, please mail to

Preliminary Application Form for FFE Scholarships

I am interested in applying for a scholarship from the Foundation For Excellence. I furnish the following particulars about myself.

Note 1:

a) Only BE/B Tech, 5-Yr Integrated M Tech & MBBS courses in India are eligible. All other courses are NOT eligible.

b) Only 1st Year students (who have joined college after taking their entrance tests in 2015) are eligible.

c) The applicant must apply only after taking admission.

d) The application should be completely filled. The student?s email address and mobile number must be provided.

e) Please ensure that you meet the academic eligibility and financial eligibility criteria before applying

Note 2:

1. Please do not contact the FFE office directly.

2. FFE will get in touch with selected candidates and advise them on the further process for applying for a Scholarship from FFE.

For more details please refer the Website : Foundation For Excellence Scholarships


Foundation For Excellence Scholarships 2015-16


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