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Glasgow Kerala Scholarship Offered By University of Glasgow

Glasgow Kerala Scholarship Offered By University of Glasgow

Glasgow Kerala Scholarship Offered By University of Glasgow

About Glasgow Kerala Scholarship Offered By University of Glasgow




Following the severe floods which impacted the Indian state of Kerala, the University of Glasgow is offering 4 exclusive scholarships to students from this area and who are facing challenges in progressing onto postgraduate education. The scholarship is available to students entering any of the University’s Colleges to undertake a one year Masters programme in 2019-2020.




To be eligible, applicants must:


*  demonstrate academic excellence and achieve grades equivalent to a degree equivalent to a UK 2:1 Hons or better

*  hold an offer of a place for a postgraduate taught programme at the University of Glasgow

*  be classed as an International Student for fee purposes

*  be resident in India (and from the state of Kerala) at time of applying


Eligible Countries : India


Eligible Programmes


Academic Practice [MEd] (pg)
Adult Education, Community Development & Youth Work [MEd/PgDip] (pg)
Advanced Nursing Science [MSc] (pg)
Advanced Statistics [MRes] (pg)
Aerospace Engineering [MSc] (pg)
Aerospace Engineering & Management [MSc] (pg)
Ancient Cultures [MLitt] (pg)
Animal Welfare Science, Ethics & Law [MSc] (pg)
Applied Linguistics [MSc] (pg)
Archaeology [MSc] (pg)
Art History [MLitt] (pg)
Art History: Collecting & Provenance in an International Context [MSc] (pg)
Art History: Dress & Textile Histories [MLitt] (pg)
Art History: Modern Material Artefacts [MSc] (pg)
Art History: Technical Art History, Making & Meaning [MLitt] (pg)
Assessment in Education [MSc] (pg)
Asset Pricing & Investment [MSc] (pg)
Astrophysics [MSc] (pg)
Bioinformatics [MSc/PgDip/PgCert] (pg)
Biomedical Engineering [MSc] (pg)
Biomedical Sciences [MRes] (pg)
Biomedical Sciences [MSc] (pg)
Biostatistics [MSc] (pg)
Biotechnology [MSc] (pg)
Biotechnology & Management [MSc/PgDip] (pg)
Cancer Research & Precision Oncology [MSc] (pg)
Cardiovascular Sciences [MSc(MedSci)] (pg)
Celtic Studies [MLitt] (pg)
Chemistry [MSc] (pg)
Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry [MSc] (pg)
Childhood Practice [MEd/PgDip] (pg)
Children’s Literature & Literacies [MEd] (pg)
Chinese Studies [MSc] (pg)
City Planning [MSc] (pg)
City Planning & Real Estate Development [MSc] (pg)
Civil Engineering [MSc] (pg)
Civil Engineering & Management [MSc] (pg)
Classics [MLitt] (pg)
Clinical Genetics [MSc(MedSci)] (pg)
Clinical Nutrition [MSc(MedSci)] (pg)
Clinical Pharmacology [MSc(MedSci)] (pg)
Clinical Trials & Precision Medicine [MSc] (pg)
Comparative Literature [MLitt] (pg)
Composition & Creative Practice [MMus] (pg)
Computer Systems Engineering [MSc] (pg)
Computing Science [MSc] (pg)
Conflict Archaeology & Heritage [MSc/PgDip] (pg)
Corporate & Financial Law [LLM] (pg)
Corporate Governance & Accountability [MSc] (pg)
Creative Industries & Cultural Policy [MSc] (pg)
Creative Writing [MLitt] (pg)
Criminology [MRes] (pg)
Criminology & Criminal Justice [MSc] (pg)
Critical Care [MSc/PgDip/PgCert] (pg)
Data Analytics [MSc] (pg)
Data Science [MSc] (pg)
Development Studies [MSc] (pg)
Early Modern History [MSc/PgDip] (pg)
Ecology & Environmental Biology [MRes] (pg)
Economic Development [MSc] (pg)
Economics, Banking & Finance [MSc] (pg)
Education [MSc] (pg)
Education, Public Policy & Equity [MSc] (pg)
Educational Studies [MSc] (pg)
Educational Studies [MEd] (pg)
Educational Studies (Adult Education, Community Development & Youth Studies) [MSc] (pg)
Electronics & Electrical Engineering [MSc] (pg)
Electronics & Electrical Engineering & Management [MSc] (pg)
Electronics Manufacturing [MSc] (pg)
English Language & Linguistics [MSc] (pg)
English Literature [MLitt] (pg)
English Literature: Fantasy [MLitt] (pg)
English Literature: Medieval & Early Modern Literature & Culture [MLitt] (pg)
English Literature: Modernities – Literature, Culture, Theory [MLitt] (pg)
English Literature: Romantic Worlds [MLitt] (pg)
English Literature: Victorian Literature [MLitt] (pg)
Enhanced Practice in Education (Dumfries Campus) [MSc] (pg)
Environment & Sustainable Development [MSc] (pg)
Environment, Culture & Communication (Dumfries Campus) [MLitt] (pg)
Environmental Statistics [MSc] (pg)
Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases & Antimicrobial Resistance [MSc] (pg)
Equality & Human Rights [MRes] (pg)
Equality & Human Rights [MSc] (pg)
Film & Television Studies [MLitt] (pg)
Film Curation [MSc] (pg)
Filmmaking & Media Arts [MSc] (pg)
Finance & Economic Development [MSc] (pg)
Finance & Management [MSc] (pg)
Financial Economics [MSc] (pg)
Financial Forecasting & Investment [MSc] (pg)
Financial Modelling [MSc] (pg)
Financial Risk Management [MSc] (pg)
Food Security [MSc] (pg)
Forensic Toxicology [MSc(MedSci)] (pg)
Gender History [MSc/PgDip] (pg)
Geoinformation Technology & Cartography [MSc/PgDip/PgCert] (pg)
Geomatics & Management [MSc] (pg)
Geospatial & Mapping Sciences [MSc/PgDip/PgCert] (pg)
Global Economy [MSc] (pg)
Global Health [MSc] (pg)
Global Mental Health [MSc/PgDip/PgCert] (pg)
Global Migrations & Social Justice [MSc] (pg)
Global Migrations & Social Justice [MRes] (pg)
Global Security [MSc] (pg)
Global Security [MRes] (pg)
History [MSc/PgDip] (pg)
History (with an emphasis on the History of Medicine) [MSc] (pg)
Human Geography: Spaces, Politics, Ecologies [MRes] (pg)
Human Rights & International Politics [MRes] (pg)
Human Rights & International Politics [MSc] (pg)
IT Cyber Security [MSc] (pg)
Immunology & Inflammatory Disease [MSc] (pg)
Inclusive Education: Research, Policy & Practice [MEd] (pg)
Infection Biology (Microbiology specialism) [MSc] (pg)
Infection Biology (Parasitology specialism) [MSc] (pg)
Infection Biology (Virology specialism) [MSc] (pg)
Infection Biology (with specialisms) [MSc] (pg)
Information Management & Preservation [MSc/PgDip/PgCert] (pg)
Information Security [MSc] (pg)
Information Technology [MSc] (pg)
Intellectual Property & the Digital Economy [LLM] (pg)
International Accounting & Financial Management [MAcc] (pg)
International Banking & Finance [MSc] (pg)
International Business [MSc] (pg)
International Commercial Law [LLM] (pg)
International Competition Law & Policy [LLM] (pg)
International Corporate Finance & Banking [MSc] (pg)
International Economic Law [LLM] (pg)
International Finance [MFin] (pg)
International Financial Analysis [MSc] (pg)
International Human Resource Management & Development [MSc] (pg)
International Law [LLM] (pg)
International Law & Security [LLM] (pg)
International Management & Design Innovation [MSc] (pg)
International Real Estate & Management [MSc] (pg)
International Relations [MRes] (pg)
International Relations [MSc] (pg)
International Strategic Marketing [MSc] (pg)
Investment Banking & Finance [MSc] (pg)
Investment Fund Management [MSc] (pg)
Land & Hydrographic Surveying [MSc/PgDip/PgCert] (pg)
Law [MRes] (pg)
Law [LLM] (pg)
MBA (Master of Business Administration) [MBA] (pg)
Management [MRes] (pg)
Management [MSc] (pg)
Management & Sustainable Tourism [MSc] (pg)
Management with Enterprise & Business Growth [MSc] (pg)
Management with Human Resources [MSc] (pg)
Management with International Finance [MSc] (pg)
Material Culture & Artefact Studies [MSc/PgDip] (pg)
Mathematics / Applied Mathematics [MSc] (pg)
Mechanical Engineering [MSc] (pg)
Mechanical Engineering & Management [MSc] (pg)
Mechatronics [MSc] (pg)
Media Management [MSc] (pg)
Media, Communications & International Journalism [MSc] (pg)
Medical Genetics & Genomics [MSc(MedSci)] (pg)
Medieval History [MSc/PgDip] (pg)
Modern History [MSc] (pg)
Museum Education [MSc] (pg)
Museum Education [MSc] (pg)
Museum Studies: Artefacts & Material Culture [MSc] (pg)
Museum Studies: Collecting & Collections [MSc] (pg)
Museum Studies: Theory & Practice [MSc] (pg)
Music Industries [MLitt] (pg)
Musicology [MMus] (pg)
Nanoscience & Nanotechnology [MSc] (pg)
Oral Sciences [MSc] (pg)
Philosophy [MSc] (pg)
Philosophy [MLitt] (pg)
Physics: Advanced Materials [MSc] (pg)
Physics: Energy & the Environment [MSc] (pg)
Physics: Nuclear Technology [MSc] (pg)
Playwriting & Dramaturgy [MLitt] (pg)
Political Communication [MRes] (pg)
Political Communication [MSc/PgDip] (pg)
Psychological Science (conversion) [MSc] (pg)
Psychological Science, Research Methods of [MSc] (pg)
Psychological Studies (conversion) [MSc] (pg)
Public & Urban Policy [MSc/PgDip] (pg)
Public Health [MPH/PgDip/PgCert] (pg)
Public Health (Data Science) [MPH] (pg)
Public Health (Epidemiology) [MPH] (pg)
Public Health (Health Economics) [MPH] (pg)
Public Health (Health Promotion) [MPH] (pg)
Public Policy & Management [MSc] (pg)
Public Policy Research [MRes] (pg)
Quantitative Finance [MSc] (pg)
Quantitative Methods in Biodiversity, Conservation & Epidemiology [MSc] (pg)
Quantum Technology [MSc] (pg)
Real Estate [MSc] (pg)
Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies [MSc] (pg)
Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies [MRes] (pg)
Scottish History [MSc] (pg)
Sensor & Imaging Systems [MSc] (pg)
Socio-Legal Studies [MRes] (pg)
Sociology [MSc] (pg)
Sociology & Research Methods [MRes] (pg)
Software Development [MSc] (pg)
Sound Design & Audiovisual Practice [MSc] (pg)
Speech, Language & Sociolinguistics [MSc] (pg)
Sport & Exercise Science & Medicine [MSc] (pg)
Statistics [MSc] (pg)
Stem Cell Engineering for Regenerative Medicine [MSc] (pg)
Structural Engineering [MSc] (pg)
Sustainable Energy [MSc] (pg)
Sustainable Water Environments [MSc] (pg)
TESOL: Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages [MSc] (pg)
TESOL: Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages [MEd] (pg)
Teaching Adults [MSc/PgDip] (pg)
Theatre & Performance Practices [MLitt] (pg)
Theatre Studies [MLitt] (pg)
Theoretical Physics [MSc] (pg)
Tourism, Heritage & Development (Dumfries Campus) [MSc] (pg)
Tourism, Heritage & Sustainability (Dumfries Campus) [MSc] (pg)
Translation Studies [MSc/PgDip/PgCert] (pg)
Translational Medicine [MRes] (pg)
Transnational Crime, Justice & Security [MSc] (pg)
Urban Analytics [MSc] (pg)
Urban Research [MRes] (pg)
Urban Transport [MSc] (pg)
War Studies [MSc] (pg)



£10,000 (2 scholarships reserved for ASBS programmes)


Number of scholarships :  4


How to apply

Eligible applicants must complete the online scholarship application form and submit of the following documents in support of your application, along with your Full Name and Student ID to scholarships(at)glasgow.ac.uk.


Two documents demonstrating proof of address from August 2018 until the date of application. These can include:

– Utility Bill
– Phone Bill
– Mortgage statement/lease agreement
– Permanent Driving License
– Aadhaar Card

Please note: Applications cannot and will not be considered without a submitted online application form and the relevant supporting documents, as detailed above.


Deadline for applications :  30th April 2019


Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application by 30 May 2019.


For more details please refer the Official Website


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