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Gurukul Anubhav Scholarship Scheme

Gurukul Anubhav Scholarship Scheme

The SPIC MACAY Gurukul Scholarship scheme began in the year 1986 to enable students to have a glimpse into the age-old guru-shishya tradition. It is an attempt to expose school and college students to a way of life with people who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of their work with single-minded devotion. Through this scheme, SPIC MACAY provides a student with the rare opportunity to go and stay with a guru for a month during summer vacations (May /June/July) and observe the ethos that exists in a completely different system of education and living than the student’s own.

India’s core competence lies in its knowledge of the inner domain. Increasingly, we are discovering that our educational system is directed towards an easy way out and is making us into ‘Indian nationals’ without providing us with equal opportunities to become Indians. To become a real Indian one has to find a way to claim his/her country fiercely through a rapt faith in its essence, for the very life as it were. We are too full of our belief in a natural, fated kind of our greatness which we assumed was the birthright of India. This was of course, the result of great people – saints and mystics of colossal stature, presence and power. We assumed that since such people seem to be born in the land more or less on order, in a regular stream through history we had something very special in us and that in some odd way we too were like Paramhamsa and Vivekananda, Gandhi, Dayananda, Ramana or Tagore or thousands of less well known men and women of that kind. We forget, every fire needs a spark. An educational system that does not incorporate in its effort to mould the minds of the young in all the dimensions of the Indian experience, is bound at some point to lose what it claims to be the Indian culture. ‘GuruKul – experience offers that ‘spark’ an inspiration that may transform an entire life.

This scheme provides an opportunity to a student to stay with such people for a month and imbibe their wisdom and observe the ethos that exists in an environment completely different from their own – an experience which will be both inspiring and fulfilling. Through it, SPIC MACAY makes an attempt to bring the students closer to a world of wisdom, inspiration, dreams, discovery and exploration. It brings them in contact with such dedicated and acclaimed people who have achieved a lot in their respective fields through the strength that comes from sheer hard work, discipline and inherent talent. It is a voyage of discovery and an exercise in self growth. The student, by interacting with the Guru could learn how visions & dreams were converted into reality, how strength came from within and struggle was something beautiful. This thirty day’s experience would be a holistic education in an environment that inspires, even as it disciplines.


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Gurukul Anubhav Scholarship Scheme

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