The Hindustan Times Scholarship Programme

The Hindustan Times Scholarship Programme


The Hindustan Times Scholarship programme is a unique endeavour. It seeks to recognise and reward Mumbai's brightest young minds. And it seeks to do so in a manner that transcends the conventional means of rewarding a child by assessing her academic performance.

When we rolled out the inaugural programme in 2011, we had not anticipated the overwhelming response we were to receive. We got more than 27,000 applications. For the 2014-15 programme, we received 77,389 applications. From those applications, 150 students - 30 each from Classes 5,6,7,8 and 9 - were shortlisted. Each of the 50 pupils selected from that shortlist were awarded scholarships of Rs 50,000.

It wasn't just the money, of course. The award means a great deal for each of the deserving children; it makes a big difference to their lives.

This year, the Hindustan Times Scholarship programme will get even bigger, leading up to a culmination in February 2016.


Step 1: Nomination Process

Fill in the nomination form, have it endorsed by the school principal / teacher and submit it to your respective school.

Step 2: Shortlisting Process

150 students (30 students from each standard) will be shortlisted for interviews on the basis of their essay, academics and extra curricular achievements, by a team of experts.

Step 3: Interview Process

A panel of senior editors will interview the shortlisted students and select 50 winners.

Step 4: Award Function

50 winners will be felicitated at a special award function in February 2016.

For more details & Eligibility, Terms and Conditions please refer the Website : Hindustan Times Scholarship 2016


The Hindustan Times Scholarship Programme