Ministry of Women and Child Development Internship Programme

Ministry of Women and Child Development Internship

Ministry of Women and Child Development Internship Programme





Ministry of Woman and Child Development (MWCD) is inviting nomination from students who are pursuing or have recently passed out Graduation /Postgraduation Courses in different academic InstitutionslUniversities under ‘Internship Programme’ for 6 months duration. This would help them in orientating with the policies and programmes of the Ministry by offering Long- Term orientation.


The students/scholars recently passed out from different Universities/Academic Institutions and willing to undertake pilot projects/micro-studies focusing on the ongoing activities of the Ministry may send their nominations to this Ministry. The Ministry provides a qualitative exposure to students to its mandate and also have specific programme and policy analysis at the hands of the target group to make them proactive to raise the issue of women and children on various platforms in future.


II. Activities under Long Term Internship Programme:


The Activities for Interns during this period will be as follows:


a) Participation in planning and research related activities at elementary level for exposure to the schemes and programmes of the Ministry.


b) Developing vision and mission for betterment of women and children; critical appraisal of schemes/ programmes of the Ministry and outside the Ministry emerging in the current scenario for improving lot of women and children in the country.


c) Compilation/collation of data/information on various schemes of the Ministry and policy relevant statistics.


d) Identify and document ‘good practices’ observed in implementation of Ministry’s scheme.


e) Visit to field projects.


f) Coordinate with media division to publicize MWCD schemes with print and electronic media


g) To provide inputs for policy formulation/scheme implementation through empirical research work with the Ministry to supplement the process of policy formulation, implementation of schemes and other initiatives related to women and children.


h) Participation in-country Seminars/Workshops/Events or interaction at any such platforms that MWCD may find relevant for young students/scholars for exposure in the field of gender issues and children.


III. Eligibility for Internship:


Lort- Term (06 month) Internship, is open for young students who are either pursuing or have recently passed out graduation/post graduation courses in subjects like Sociology, Social work, History, Economics, Political Science, Law, Journalism, Home Science, Nutrition, Humanity, Psychology, Statistics, Child and Gender Studies, Rural Development, etc and can spare 06 Months time to undergo Long Term Internship Programme on regular basis in this Ministry. Besides, students from Management/Il’Ts/l’T sectors would also be eligible to apply and would be considered under this Internship Programme.


IV. Selection of Interns:


Selection of Interns would be made purely on academic merit and interviews.


V. Furnishing of undertaking/declaration


(a) Selected interns would declare that he/ she understands that the offer of internship by the Ministry of WCD is not an offer of any job or any commitment of any future job, hence the offer of internship would not be used as a claim for that matter.

(b) Furnishing a declaration of maintaining secrecy of documents they are to be exposed or to deal with during internship programme before joining the internship.

(c) Undertaking giving right to the Ministry to cancel the Internship for nonperformance during Internship period as may be deemed/observed by the Ministry.


VI. Incentives for Internship:


(a) The Ministry would provide monthly stipend of Rs. 10,000/- to an enrolled Intern and award a certificate on successful completion of his /her internship after submission/presentation of papers/reports on the assigned work. Interns proceeding on tour, as part of the internship would be reimbursed Travel cost (By deluxe/ AC bus / 2nd AC train journey) and DA as per GOI rates.


(b) Interns would be provided necessary logistics such as sitting arrangement, internet facility and stationery items etc.


VII. Termination of Internship(s) and resolution of disputes:


Ministry would have the right to appraise/review performance of interns and enforce timely completion of various assignments. In view of the scheme offering Long Term research and related activities for about six months or so, it would be desired from the Interns to complete their project timely and satisfactorily. In case of non-compliance of ToRs of the awarded project(s) and unsatisfactory work, the Ministry would have right to recover entire grant amount sanctioned for project under the circumstances that necessitate such action.


VIII. How to Apply


Interested students/scholars may apply by email for internship of the Ministry. For any further details/queries, following officer may be contacted:


Ministry of Women and Child Development
Government of India
Statistics Bureau
Jeevan Tara Building
Parliament Street
New Delhi-l 10001
Email: intern.wcdl(at)


For more details please refer the Official Website


Information Document & Application form


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