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Unimoni Student Stars Scholarship Programme 2023

Unimoni Student Stars Scholarship Programme

Unimoni Student Stars Scholarship Programme 2023

About Unimoni Student Stars Scholarship Programme 2023
“Unimoni Student Stars 2023″: Win a 6 Lakh Worth Scholarship with Assured monthly Rewards!”


If you’re looking for a way to pay for your education without taking out loans, scholarships are a great option. They’re available to students at every level of education, from undergraduate to post-doctoral. Don’t hesitate to search for scholarships to help fund your education today!


Unimoni has a rich legacy of backing education and community advancement. Along with its scholarship scheme, the organization has supported multiple campaigns to encourage financial literacy and entrepreneurship among the youth.



Ease your Study Abroad Process!!!


Education is essential for both personal and societal growth. At Unimoni, we offer a scholarship program to assist young individuals in achieving their full potential and positively impacting the world. Our scholarship program is ideal for students who want to pursue higher education abroad but are limited by financial constraints. It can alleviate the burden of tuition and living expenses, enabling students to concentrate on their studies and make the most out of their study abroad experience.


Unimoni Student Stars 2023- Scholarship details


The unimoni student stars scholarship is easy to apply for and has many benefits.


● 1st Prize: 3 Lakhs
● 2nd Prize: 1.5 Lakhs
● 3rd Prize: 50,000 * 3 students



Monthly Rewards


There are exciting monthly rewards for the student scholarship programmes. Unimoni customers doing a Forex transaction between April to December 2023 will be eligible to participate in the monthly reward programmes.

Unimoni has a ton of gifts and rewards for its customers! A lucky draw is conducted on a selected date of every month to distribute the monthly rewards.



What are the monthly rewards?


The exciting monthly rewards will be distributed to the selected applicants.


● 1st Prize: HP Chrome Book
● 2nd Prize: Trolley Bag
● Free Multi currency card


The free multi-currency card is given to every student based on submitting KYC details. Flight booking assistance and student counselling facilities are the other services you can avail of from this scholarship programme.



Unimoni Travel/Forex card


Every student registering for “Student Stars 2023” will receive a free travel card!


The Unimoni Travel Card is a prepaid card for students and travellers carrying foreign currency abroad. It supports multiple currencies and can be loaded online or at any Unimoni branch with competitive exchange rates and low transaction fees. With this card, you can withdraw cash from ATMs, purchase at merchant outlets, and conduct online transactions. It is a secure and convenient option for carrying foreign currency instead of cash or credit/debit cards.



Eligibility criteria for the Unimoni scholarship programme



Some eligibility criteria must be met before applying for the Unimoni Student Stars scholarship programme.


● Candidates need to register on the official websites of Unimoni or remitforex before 31st December 2023.


Click here to Register: https://remitforex.com/student-stars.html


● The candidates applying for the scholarship must secure 60% above in 10th std, 12th std, Diploma, and graduation from schools or universities.


● The candidate needs to submit a valid offer letter from the university abroad.


● Indian Students studying in overseas universities can also apply for this scholarship program. To complete the registration process, they must update their admission number, college /course details, overseas contact number, etc.



How to register for the Unimoni student stars scholarship?


Applying for a student scholarship is a relatively easy and quick process.


● Click here to Register: https://remitforex.com/student-stars.html


● Students can complete registration by logging into the Unimoni/ Remitforex websites / QR code scan from the advertisements/ Social media promotional links etc. It will lead to a separate registration landing page.


● Complete the personal and educational details on the landing page & answer all the eligibility criteria questions related to the scholarship.


● Read and accept the Terms & Conditions to complete the registration process.


● The candidates must follow and subscribe to any Unimoni Instagram or Facebook page.


Unimoni Financial Service Ltd. is a financial services company offering various services, including cross-border remittances, foreign currency exchange, payment solutions, and more. With a solid commitment to providing safe, secure, and reliable financial services, Unimoni has been recognized and awarded for its innovative products and excellent customer service. The company primarily serves migrant workers, expatriates, and anyone who needs to transfer money across borders. Unimoni has an extensive network of agents, partners, and digital platforms, making their services easily accessible to customers worldwide.


Unimoni also offers a range of business solutions! These services are designed to help everyone to manage their international payments, and currency needs more efficiently and effectively.


Foreign Currency Exchange: Unimoni provides foreign currency exchange services to customers worldwide. Unimoni offers various currencies, including exotic and hard-to-find, and strives to provide competitive exchange rates. Customers can exchange Money at Unimoni’s branches or through its digital platforms.


Send Money Abroad: Send Money Abroad is designed to be fast, secure, and affordable. Customers can send money to different countries, which can be received through bank transfers, cash pickups, or mobile wallets.


Student Accommodation: Unimoni provides student accommodations assistance to students who want to pursue education abroad. We give excellent accommodation assistance to students near the University/ college. Students can book a fully furnished stay with other ample facilities. Unimoni Customer service representative will soon contact you once you reach there.


Other services: There are many different services in Unimoni, like Guaranteed Investment Fund, German Blocked Account, FTS account, International Student Identity Card etc. You can get every service with simple procedures under the guidance of our expert staff.


Travel & Holidays: Unimoni Travel and Holidays is a travel and holidays service that provides various travel-related services, including flight bookings, hotel reservations, holiday packages, travel insurance, visa assistance, and more. They specialize in customized travel solutions and cater to the needs of every people.


Unimoni Financial Services Limited, being a socially responsible organization, is committed to positively impacting the communities it serves. The company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities focus on four key areas: education, healthcare, environment, and social welfare. Under its education initiatives, Unimoni Financial Services provides these scholarships and financial aid to deserving students, sponsors education programs for underprivileged children, and supports the development of educational infrastructure in local communities.


Unimoni Financial Services’ CSR initiatives in education aim to promote access to quality education and enable students to reach their full potential. The company recognizes the importance of education in promoting social and economic development and is committed to supporting initiatives that make education more accessible to all!!!


For more details and Online Application process please refer the Official Publisher


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