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AIS Techolabs Application Development Scholarship

AIS Techolabs Application Development Scholarship

AIS Techolabs  – Application Development Scholarship Program


Design an app and win a Mobile app development scholarship! Fund your college education by nurturing your IT skills.


Scholarship Objectives


* Learn valued skills from the experts, to launch or advance your career as a mobile app developer
* Master world-class curriculum developed by us
* Join the rapidly growing elite community of mobile developers in cities and towns across India


Who can apply?


The scholarship applies to the following conditions :

1) Anyone who is either a citizen or permanent resident of India

2)Anyone who is enrolled or been accepted for enrolment as a full-time student at an accredited 3-year college or university within India

3)Any student currently pursuing or who has enrolled for an undergraduate degree in the following areas of study: Computer Engineering, Computer Science (B. Tech, M. Tech. B. Sc., M. Sc, or M.S.) or IT


HOW TO APPLY AIS Techolabs Scholarship


Only those applicants are eligible to compete in the Mobile App Development Scholarship Program, who develop an app(android or IOS) that serves to resolve an issue in the society or the community at large. Send your details to sunnyc@aistechnolabs.com.


Terms and conditions



* All applicants agree to allow AIS Technolabs to collect, store, share and use information provided during the registration process, including name, mailing address, phone number, email address, for administering the Scholarship program and verifying the applicant’s identity or in the event an applicant is selected to be a Winner.

* Scholarships will be awarded to recipients, based upon criteria like APP design, usefulness, relevance, and code.

* The recipients of scholarship will be chosen by a panel of experts from AIS Technolabs.

* Scholarship amount of Rs 35,000 will be awarded one-time only

* Recipients have to give consent with regards to publishing their photo and award details on the AIS Technolabs website.

* Applicants will be automatically disqualified if found to furnish information that is false, plagiarized or has copyright issues.

* Anytime during the course of scholarship program, AIS Technolabs reserves the right to change the rules and regulations with the exception of the scholarship amount or prior to the actual awarding to a recipient.


Additional Scholarship Terms


* The applicants who win and receive Scholarships (“Winners”) will have their Program fees paid for directly by AIS Technolabs.

* Winners receive a scholarship amount which is sufficient to cover fees for the target Program and for no additional amounts.

* There is no cash alternative to the Scholarship. AIS will not give any refunds in the event a student is unable to complete the program

* The Scholarship is non-transferrable i.e. the Winners cannot transfer their Scholarships to anyone else.

* AIS shall not be responsible for any taxes levied on the scholarship amount to the winners by their respective jurisdictions.It is the sole responsibility of winners to make appropriate disclosures of their Scholarships in front of relevant authorities and pay taxes and levies as may be applicable to them.

* AIS shall not be responsible to re-sponsor the Scholarships for any of the Winners if the concerned Winner is unable to undergo the Mobile App Development Scholarship program for any reason whatsoever.




Who is eligible for this scholarship?

To receive this scholarship, you must be a current resident of India and must be of the legal age of at least 18 years, when you submit your application.


Where does the program take place?

The program takes place 100% online. As long as you have a working internet connection, you can access the program from anywhere.


How many hours a week should I spend on my coursework in order to succeed in this program?

We estimate that investing 10 hours/week is sufficient for you to proceed through the program at a successful pace.The course will contain instructional content, quizzes, and other course-related activity,


Are there any specific class hours when I need to be online or can I go through the lessons at my own pace?

After class starts, you can study at your own pace so long as you complete the course within the stipulated time. That implies, you will have complete access to the course directly in your classroom 24 hours a day. We understand that students have different time schedules and will go through their course at different times and on different days. The most important thing is that students make constant progress each and every week and get through all the content before the end of course period.


Will I definitely get a job as an Developer if I get one of these scholarships?

These scholarships do not guarantee you a job. But AIS students often do get jobs after graduating from programs like these. Check out some student stories.

For more details please refer Scholarship Publisher website.


Names of winners who will receive the scholarship will be flashed on the AIS Technolabs website on 31st December 2018.


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