AMDAANA Scholarships for GMCA Students

AMDAANA Scholarships for GMCA Students

AMDAANA Scholarships for GMCA Students

About AMDAANA Scholarships for GMCA Students

AMDAANA (Amritsar Medical & Dental Alumni Association of North America) awards scholarships annually to the medical students at the Government Medical College, Amritsar. While the awards are primarily based upon financial needs, they also give due credit for academic merit, extracurricular activities and a required essay.


Parental income cut off from all sources for this year is Rs. 8 lacs.


There is a special award named AMDAANA Scholar Award. This is purely based upon merit and overall accomplishments and is open to all students regardless of the parental income. It is only available to the students in the final year. Both awards use the same application form.


General Information and Instructions for Completing Application


1. Number of Scholarships: Nine for each class; total of thirty-six for the entire college


2. Award Amount: Each award is worth Rs. 30,000


3. AMDAANA Scholar Award: One per year, available to Final Part II year students only. Primary criteria – overall merit, extracurricular activities and exceptional achievements. Worth Rs. 50,000


4. Application Process:


a. Applications must be completed with due care, and they must look neat and clean.
b. The application must display due respect to the process and carefully follow guidelines for the application.
c. All applications must be typed out. Handwritten applications will not be accepted.
d. Applications must be proofed for grammar, spelling, syntax etc.
e. Incomplete applications, and those not following the guidelines and due care will be rejected.


5. Extra-Curricular Activities: Just a random list of items is no good. You must provide details of each activity and what was accomplished. What proof do you have for your claims? We want to see longitudinal commitment to the activity you choose.


6. Deadlines: All deadlines must be adhered to. If there are any follow-up questions or concerns from either the Scholarship Committee of GMCA or the Scholarship Committee of AMDAANA, those must be addressed by the stated deadline.


7. Essay: Must follow the guidelines below.


8. Penalty: Applications that don’t meet above guidelines shall be rejected. The scholarship amount may be reduced for poorly completed applications in case the lapses are not bad enough to warrant an outright rejection


Required Documents


1. Proof of parental income.
2. Copy of the proof of identity.
3. Proof of extracurricular activity and achievements.


Guidelines for the essays


1. Purpose of the essay:

a. To assess students’ thought process, communication and writing skills.
b. To stimulate students to reflect on “why” (look below)? Parents’ desire alone is not a good enough reason. Why do you want to be a doctor? If you really think you are enlisting in a noble profession, ask your non-doctor relatives and friends for a reality check. Doing “good” for humanity is a beaten path!
c. To assess students’ capabilities at writing coherent couple of paragraphs on two questions stated below.


2. First Year/New Applicants: Essay should address two questions:

a. Why do you want to be a doctor? Describe what attracted you to the profession, what other alternatives did you consider, what nailed it for you? Hint – Parents’ desire maybe a factor but it’s you who is in the medical college. Focus on why YOU want to be a doctor.

b. Why do you think you should receive this scholarship?

Note: You may also choose to address topics available to higher classes but ONLY if it’s relevant to your circumstances and you have experienced the specific situation. Overall, it’s best to stick with #1 above.


3. Repeat applicants/AMDAANA Scholar: Essay will address any one of the following questions:

a. How does society view medical profession? Is medicine a noble profession? Or a money-making machine? Or something else altogether? How would you improve its public image? Give examples and arguments to support your position.

b. What should you do if you make an error during the delivery of care to a patient? Address nature of the error, who should it be discussed with? Should you tell the patient/family? How to rectify it and prevent it in the future?

c. Has the progress through the medical college confirmed your decision that you really want to become a doctor or do you question that decision? Describe your experiences and the reasons to support your position.


4. We expect originality to assess students’ thought process and writing skills.


5. Plagiarism: Please do not copy things off the internet or each other. It is plain theft, not unacceptable. Plagiarism may lead to outright rejection of your application.


6. Language: Flowery language with no substance means that it has been stolen off others and will get no credit.


7. Honest Effort: We are looking for an honest and sincere effort with due diligence and thought.


8. Importance: The essay will carry a high weight in judging and ranking your application. The decision of the Scholarship Committee (GMC) and AMDAANA will be final and binding.


Application forms may be downloaded from:


Application should be submitted to Sh. Arun Bhagi, PA to Principal,

Principal Office, Government Medical College, Amritsar.
The last date of receipt of applications 15th April, 2021


Information Document


Official Webstie : Or


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