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Bioenergy-Awards for Cutting Edge Research

Bioenergy-Awards for Cutting Edge Research

Bioenergy-Awards for Cutting Edge Research

About Bioenergy-Awards for Cutting Edge Research


Recognizing that clean and efficient energy, environmental protection and energy security are among the biggest challenges facing India and the United States; the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India and the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum are committed to tackling these issues by building capacity in these frontier areas. To nurture future innovators and thought leaders in Biofuel and Bioenergy, we are happy to announce the Bioenergy-Awards for Cutting Edge Research (B- ACER) – a dynamic and transformative program developed to nurture contacts between students and scientists from India and the United States.


The Program is envisaged to:


* Provide an opportunity to the best and brightest Indian students and scientists to gain exposure and access to world class research facilities in leading US institutions;


* Promote research and capacity building in the frontline area of Biofuels and Bioenergy;


* Encourage and motivate outstanding students to take up research as a career path; and


* Pave the way for the next generation scientists and technologists from India to interact with American peers, thus helping to build long-term R&D linkages and collaborations.


Priority Areas:


* Systems & Synthetic Biology (to produce biofuels)

* Feed stock improvement (microalgae, macro algae, cellulosic biomass, tree born oil)

* Production Technology (cost-effective technology for bio-ethanol, algal biofuel, bio-butanol, bio-hydrogen, fuel cells, bio-refinery)

* Biotechnological interventions for integration of Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Utilization.

* Biotechnological interventions for Waste to Energy

* Bio jet Fuels

* Microbial conversion of CO2/CO/H2 from effluents to fuels or chemicals.


Eligibility Criteria


For Student Internships


* Indian citizen currently pursuing a Ph.D. on a full-time basis in the field of Biofuel related area in public-funded R&D lab/S&T institution / recognized academic institute / university /college in India.


Age: Upto 32 years as on 31st December 2019.


For Fellowships


* Indian citizen with a Ph.D. in Life Science, Biotechnology, Engineering or Technology holding a regular Position in public funded R & D lab/ S & T Institution /recognized universities/ colleges in India.


* Applicants must provide proof of independent research work in internationally recognized academic journals.


* Open only to applicants working in the field of Biofuels.


Age: Upto 45 years as on 31st December 2019.


Fellowship /Internship Includes:


* Monthly Stipend
* Air-fare
* Contingency Allowance




Internship: Minimum 3 months and up to 6 months

Fellowships: Minimum 3 months and up to 12 months


Place of work:


The applicant should have a letter of acceptance from a reputed US scientific/technological institution/laboratory where he/she would undertake the research work under the Fellowship/Internship.


Applications should be submitted using our Online Application Portal for Visitation Programs. Hard copies and electronic copies of the application forms will not be accepted.


Submission Deadline: 30th April 2019


Award Publisher Link


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