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CSIR Diamond Jubilee Technology Award (CDJTA) 2017 and 2018

CSIR Diamond Jubilee Technology Award

CSIR Diamond Jubilee Technology Award (CDJTA) 2017 and 2018




With the objective to foster technological innovation based on innovative science, CSIR launched an annual Diamond Jubilee Technology Award on 26th September 2002 in commemoration of its Diamond Jubilee celebrations. It was launched in recognition that mere investments in creating enabling infrastructure and support systems are not sufficient for achieving cutting-edge technological breakthroughs. Continuous encouragement and motivational nourishment need to be provided to potential inventors and innovators to unleash and realize their creative potential. Besides, those who succeed in giving outstanding performance need to be honoured by the nation.


The award is to encourage scientists, engineers and technologists to develop innovative technologies and products that are amongst the best in the world and enhance India’s image. Technologies leading to commercially successful products, processes and services, which give India a sustainable competitive advantage, are considered for the award. Besides the technological innovation must simultaneously help broaden interactions among academic, R&D and financial institutions and industry and commercial sectors, and provide newer vehicles for commercialization.


The Award is intended for scientific discovery or technological innovations, which have reached the market place. It is given annually to a technology that is developed in the country by Indian innovators and meets the highest global standards.


Conditions and Requirements


2.1 The Award

The award consists of a cash prize of Rs. 10 lakh, a citation and a plaque


2.2 Eligibility

Nominees must be:


* An Indian team, a company or an organization. In case of teams, Indian citizenship is a pre-requisite. For a company / organization, more than 50 percent of its shares or assets should be owned by the citizens of India / Indian entities.


* The technological innovation must have originated in India or if it has been developed elsewhere, it must have a significant and highly innovative Indian component.


2.3 Criteria for the Award

The technological innovation should


* Create a new market or significantly develop an existing market, with demonstrated competitive advantage and large cross section of users / consumer response;


* Compete successfully internationally on the basis of novelty, price, quality, functionality and reliability;


* Help raise capital or enhance the value / brand equity or image of the company / organization;


* Promote employment in the country; and


* Contribute benefits to the community generally and help raise the standards of quality of life of the community.


2.4 Applications for the award for the year 2017 & 2018 may be submitted separately in prescribed format.


2.5 Selection Procedure


A two-tier selection procedure is in place. The initial screening to shortlist the qualifying applicants is done by a committee of seven eminent experts representing diverse disciplines. The short listed applicants are considered thereafter by a high-level expert committee chaired by an eminent technologist / Chairman of the CSIR Advisory Board with membership comprising of:


* Industrial associations such as CII, FICCI, ASSOCHAM;
* Directors of CSIR Laboratories;
* Financial Institutions / VCF;
* Past CDJTA Awardee; and
* Eminent Experts.

All the members are nominated by DG, CSIR.




Research, Project Planning and Business Development Directorate
Council of Scientific & Industrial Research
Anusandhan Bhawan
2, Rafi Marg, New Delhi – 110 001
Tel: 011 23710453
Fax: 011 23710340
Email: cdjta(at)csir.res.in


For details refer : http://www.csir.res.in


Information Document


CSIR Diamond Jubilee Technology Award 2017 and 2018



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