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Dr A P J Abdul Kalam IGNITE Awards 2019

Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam IGNITE Awards

Dr A P J Abdul Kalam IGNITE Awards 2019


National Innovation Foundation (NIF), India, an autonomous body of the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, announces the tenth national competition for students’ ideas and innovations, in association withthe Honey Bee Network, SRISTI, CBSE and other partners.


NIFinvites submissions of creative technological ideas/innovations from the students up to Standard XII for the tenth national competition for children’s ideas and innovations –Dr A P J Abdul Kalam IGNITE Awards 2019.NIF dedicates the IGNITE Awards in the loving memory of Dr Kalam.


In order to promote creativity and originality in children, NIF has been organising IGNITE – a national competition of original technological ideas and innovations by children, up to Standard XII or the age of 17 years, in or out of school.


Starting in 2008, in the past nine years, 201 awards have been given to 277 children. The total number of submissions from school children received during the various IGNITE campaigns is 1,54,500. NIF decided to commemorate the IGNITE Awards in his memory and rechristened the awards as Dr APJ Abdul Kalam IGNITE Awards, so that creative children continue to draw inspiration from his spirit. NIF will continue to announce the awards every year on October 15, Dr Kalam’s birthday, which is also celebrated as the Children’s Creativity and Innovation Day by NIF.


What is the contest?


Dr APJ Abdul Kalam IGNITE competition is an annual national competition to harness the creative and innovative spirit of children (up to Standard XII in school or those up to the age of 17 years out of school). Students are invited to send their original and creative technological ideas and innovations for the same.


Why the contest?


Creativity among children is almost innate. Every child is creative, the degree may vary though but, not its basic manifestation. Then what happens during growth and maturation? Why should children stop asking basic questions? Why do they agree to do repetitive science projects instead of being original? Why do they learn to live with unsolved social and professional problems? We should not allow our children to live with such problems. Rather, we must urge them to come up with solutions to these. We want to promote originality, creativity and innovative spirit among our children so that when they become leaders of our society, they ensure an imaginative, inclusive and innovative future for the country. We want our children to be more sensitive to the problems faced by not just them and their families or neighbours but also other socially-disadvantaged sections of the society.


What is invited for the contest?


Original and creative technological ideas and innovations of the students OR/AND any technological idea/innovation that solves any daily-life problem, be it household or of porters, labourers, or the likes. In addition, during their vacations or otherwise, the students are encouraged to look for other people who come out with innovative machines/devices or solve day-to-day problems using their creativity. Similarly, they are also encouraged to document and learn traditional knowledge (TK) practices from elders in their families and neighbourhood. The purpose is to expose them to the rich traditional heritage that we have, facilitating its transfer from generation to generation. The students submitting the maximum number of properly-documented entries (innovations/TK) to the schools (which would forward them to NIF) or directly to NIF, would be given appreciation certificates. For each innovation/TK practice spotted and documented by the student, he/she will be credited as being the ‘scout’ of that innovation/TK in records.


What is the contest period?


The entries will be received till August 31, 2019.


Can students of other educational boards (national and state), other than CBSE, also participate in the competition?


Yes, students from any educational board can participate in Dr APJ Abdul Kalam IGNITE competition. The children, who are out of school, up to the age of 17 years can also participate.


How can the submissions be sent?


The submissions for the contest can be made through any of the following means:

Email the details at ignite(at)nifindia.org


1. Submit online at http://nif.org.in/submitidea.php


Mail them to the following address (directly/through the Principal)

Dr A P J Abdul Kalam IGNITE Awards 2019

National Innovation Foundation – India

Grambharti,Amrapur,Gandhinagar-Mahudi Road

Gandhinagar-382650, Gujarat


For more details & Eligibility, Terms and Conditions please refer the Competition Website


Whom to contact in case of any doubt?

Any query may be addressed to NIF at

Email: ignite(at)nifindia.org or

Telephone:02764261131/ 32/ 38/ 39

Fax: +91 022 39167115





17th November, 2018: Shri Pranab Mukherjee, the former President of India gave away the Dr A P J Abdul Kalam IGNITE Awards 2018 to creative and innovative students.    Dr A P J Abdul Kalam IGNITE Awards 2018 Press Release


IGNITE Award 2018 Result


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