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Fintech Olympiad

Fintech Olympiad

Fintech Olympiad

About Fintech Olympiad


All that you need to know about Fintech Olympiad ’24


Join us for the ultimate ‘Learn & Compete’ adventure at the 2nd Edition of the Fintech Olympiad! Supported by industry leaders like Zerodha, CashRich, India Fintech Forum, and Clear, this event empowers you to master your finances and become the champion of your own money.


What’s at stake?


● Snag the Prestigious Fintech Olympiad Trophy!
● Score Prizes Totaling INR 500,000!
● Unlock Pre-Placement Interviews & Jumpstart Your Career!
● Get Connected: Networking & Media Spotlights!
● Funded Access to IFF’s India FinTech Awards 2024 in Mumbai!
● Level Up with Money Management Tips from the Experts!


We’re tempted to put so many more exclamation marks, you’re catching the vibe, right?


So, summarise – explore unrivalled opportunities alongside these powerhouse companies. Don’t miss out on becoming a champion of knowledge and secure your spot at the Fintech Olympiad 2024 today!

Ideally, that should have been enough information for you to hit the register button, but if not – let us walk you through some Q&A.


What is the Fintech Olympiad?


Think of it as the ultimate fintech showdown, spread across three epic rounds with a grand (oh so very grand) finale in Mumbai. You’ll compete against top-tier talent, but that’s not all – you’ll also get up close and personal with industry gurus ready to drop knowledge and skills that’ll help you manage your future stacks.


Can I participate if I’m a Fintech Newbie?


YES YES. Wondering if you can jump into the Fintech Olympiad with zero Fintech know-how? We’ve got you covered with all the essentials – from syllabi and video recordings to links and reference docs, we’re packing your toolkit with everything you need to start. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming workshops to boost your skills even further. Just a heads up, though the competition questions won’t stick strictly to these materials. You’re encouraged to dive into some extra research based on the syllabus. So, if you’re curious about the fintech world, come learn and grow with us – everyone’s invited!


What are the categories?


● Students Category
● Young Professionals Category


Eligibility section:


Am I eligible?


To dive into the competition, you need to have finished Std. XII (or its equivalent).



If you are a student:


● You must be actively enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate program.
● You should be between 18 and 28 years old.
● You must remain enrolled in your academic program until the conclusion of the Olympiad.
● You must not be older than 28 years at the time the finale is concluded.
If you are a young professional:
● You must not be currently enrolled as a student in an undergraduate or postgraduate program.
● You should be at least 18 years of age.
● There is no upper age restriction for this category.



Links to Apply section:


1. Link to register on Unstop

2. Fintech Olympiad website


Stages of the Olympiad section:


1. Practice/Self-Assessment Test: The Kick-Off Round, Online


Dive into your Fintech journey with a self-paced practice test available after enrollment. Perfect for gauging your current knowledge and boosting engagement! Attempt now: https://fintecholympiad.org/student-dashboard/
Start: 01 Jul 24, 12:00 AM IST
End: 09 Dec 24, 11:59 PM IST


2. Screening Round [Category – Students]: The Entry Challenge, Online


Showcase your skills in the first competitive hurdle of the Olympiad. We will be opening 3 slots spread over 3 days so that you can take the exam at your convenience.

Start: 14 Sep 24, 12:00 AM IST

End: 16 Sep 24, 11:59 PM IST


3. Screening Round [Category – Young Professionals]: The Entry Challenge, Online


Showcase your skills in the first competitive hurdle of the Olympiad. We will be opening 3 slots spread over 3 days so that you can take the exam at your convenience.

Start: 21 Sep 24, 12:00 AM IST
End: 23 Sep 24, 11:59 PM IST


4. Proctored Round: The Crucible, Online

Engage in a rigorous, monitored testing phase that starts in early October. The order in which slots are selected for the proctored round will be determined by the rank list from the previous round.
Start: 01 Oct 24, 12:00 AM IST
End: 27 Oct 24, 11:59 PM IST


5. Interview Round: The Finalist Filter, Online

The top 250 candidates will undergo interviews to demonstrate their depth of knowledge and skills.
Start: 27 Oct 24, 12:00 AM IST
End: 05 Nov 24, 11:59 PM IST


6. Grand Finale: The Showdown, Offline


The ultimate test of your fintech prowess. Join us for the grand conclusion of the Fintech Olympiad. The grand finale will be held alongside the India Fintech Awards 2024, and will also mark the launch of the first edition of our career fair. This provides a direct opportunity for the talent pipeline to meet with recruiters from leading companies.


Start: 10 Dec 24, 12:00 AM IST

End: 10 Dec 24, 11:59 PM IST


For more details and Online Application please refer the Official Website



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