Horlicks Wiz Kids 2008

Horlicks Wiz Kids 2008

Horlicks Wiz Kids 2008

How to make your contest entry

You just need to go to the ?CONTEST FORM? page on the website or Click Here and fill up the form & answer 3 simple questions & write a slogan on how you were able to make your childhood better.

Based on your entry, you may get a call from us for a telephonic interview. The best entries from across the country will be featured in the local newspapers & FM radio.

The GRAND WINNER of all gets a direct entry to the ?Horlicks Wizkids 2008 South Asia Finals? at Bangalore, and also gets to feature in a Television Commercial with the brand ambassador Darsheel Safary!

Participation Guidelines

The contest is open to all the school students across the country

Last date for submission of the contest form is 30th September 2008

Winners will be intimated by telephone and through Post

On entering the contest, the submitted material will be the property of Horlicks Wizkids

Judges? and organisers? decision will be final

The winner will be invited to an all paid trip to Bangalore for the South Asian finals

All details of the South Asian Finals will be intimated before the announcement of the Winner

For more details please visit : www.activityindia.com

Horlicks Wiz Kids 2008