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IIT Jodhpur Summer Challenges

IIT Jodhpur Summer Challenges

IIT Jodhpur Summer Challenges

About IIT Jodhpur Summer Challenges
IIT Jodhpur invites Call for participation in Summer Challenges

If you ate six times, slept like there is no tomorrow, lounged around to watch every flick on the net, and if it is still today…there you go… We have some exciting things lined up for you to unleash the creative V—S (no prizes for guessing this one… the one which cannot be named).


While we are checking in to see that you are all doing well – physically fit, mentally awake and emotionally stable, we’d like for you to be physically distant but socially connected to us.

While you “Zoom” into all your classes electronically, and “Zoom out “of all the study material mentally, here is also a clean (sanitized) creative break for you all.


Loads of prizes and certificates await you…We look forward to receiving all your entries!!! Good Luck! on this one




In keeping with the times. Unlock your (locked down) creativity – The Summer Challenges.


Anything contemporary/current that makes you wonder, think, ideate, innovate, design and create ….


Submission Deadline: Any time between 1st May 2020 to 15th July 2020


Who can participate:


* All students (UG, PG, Research Scholars)

* We encourage Students &Faculty member to team up for any of the challenges

* Students can participate in multiple challenges and can have more than one entry per challenge.

* Please send request to coordinators for access to institute resources. Some of the software vendors (like ANSYS) can also arrange webinars on request.

* More problems may be added under each challenge category

* Students may participate in a team. Number of students per team should not exceed 3.


Evaluation after submission:


* Research/ Design/Creativity Excellence Certificates and Awards will be distributed based on quality. The award will include cash prizes worth Rs. 10000, Rs. 6000 and Rs. 4000 for the best entries per challenge (may be more than one) provided they are really good. Institute may decide to support some of these projects financially and otherwise for further development.


* Even though students will be allowed to submit multiple entries in a challenge but he/she is eligible for only one cash award per challenge.


* First-year UG students can earn up to 2 design credits (core requirement for graduation) through these challenges. One credit implies that you have to put effort equivalent to that of a 1 credit lecture course ( minimum of 28 hrs). Entry will be evaluated by a committee for eligibility of credit and subsequent award of grades.


For more details refer the Official Publisher : http://iitj.ac.in/challenges/


Other Awards and Competitions In India


 Unified Council National Level Science Talent Search Examination – Online


Unified Council National Level Science Talent Search Examination – Online

Last Date : 30.09.2020

 Unified Council International English Olympiad


Unified Council International English Olympiad For School Students

Last Date : 30.09.2020

 INSPIRE Awards – MANAK 2020-21


INSPIRE AWARDS – MANAK Scheme For School Students 2020-21

Timeline for submission of ideas/innovations:
Online nomination for the year 2020-21 has been opened. The schools will be able to submit their nominations till September 30, 2020.

 Green Olympiad 2020 – The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)


Green Olympiad – 2020 By The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)

Eligibility : Students from Classes IV-XII from schools affiliated to recognized education boards can participate.

Last date : 30.09.2020

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