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Kaspersky Student Competition

Kaspersky Student Competition

Kaspersky Student Competition

About Kaspersky Student Competition


This Kaspersky student competition is dedicated to the challenges of a rapidly changing world and tackling security issues posed by new technologies. We want participants of the Secur’IT Cup to come up with their own researches and projects to help solve cybersecurity issues in the following areas..


1. Financial security


Protect users and institutions involved into financial transactions by improving online fraud detection mechanisms, wipers / cryptographers, hidden mining etc.


2. Machine learning in cybersecurity


Develop new methods to apply machine learning to improve CS technologies and narrow the damage caused by cyber attacks.


3. Automotive security


Develop effective measures to improve smart car user’s safety: prevent controller area network attacks, GPS and other sensitive data leakage for both manned and unmanned vehicles.


Last date :


Primary Registration : Register online for the competition closes on 25.10.2019



Prize Fund


1st Prize: A grant of $10 000

2nd Prize: A trip to Kaspersky Security Analist Summit 2020

3rd Prize : A trip to Local Cybersecurity Conference


If you have a particular question you don’t see answered in the FAQ’s please email it to secureitcup(at)kaspersky.com


For more details refer the Official Competition Website : https://secureitcup.kaspersky.com/


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