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Kid Rapid Chess Championship (KRCC)

Kid Rapid Chess Championship (KRCC)

Kid Rapid Chess Championship (KRCC)

About Kid Rapid Chess Championship (KRCC)

About the event
(This is an Online event)


3 reasons why everyone should play Chess?


* Chess improves critical thinking, memory, and creativity while having fun! ????♟️????
* Playing chess teaches patience, strategic planning, and decision-making skills! to kids ⏳????️????
* Solving chess puzzles boosts confidence and provides a rewarding sense of achievement!



About Chess


Chess is one of the world’s oldest and most loved strategic board game. The beauty of the game is; it has no-hidden information and the element of luck is virtually non-existent. The history of chess can be traced back nearly 1500 years to its earliest known predecessor, called Chaturanga, in India.


What is Kids Rapid Chess Championship by Malsar?


At MALSAR, we’ve designed ‘Kids Chess Championship’ to celebrate and cherish Indians love for Chess. The championship aims to promote Chess Culture in country alongside reducing stress and improving cognitive skills.


The main objective of the championship is to introduce children to the game of Chess at an early age, as it can help to develop their cognitive abilities and patience. By participating in the championship, children will learn to think logically, solve complex problems, and improve their concentration and memory skills.


The event will be conducted online on Lichess platform. Participant will be competing with kids in their category only. Complete details will be shared with registered participants, ensuring they are well-prepared for the competition. Category details will be taken from registered participants , at the time of event.


All participants must have a complete knowledge of how all the chess pieces move.


The championship winner be basis the following category :


Category 1- Age: 4-6 Years


Category 2- Age: 7-10 Years


Category 3- Age: 11-15 Years


Note: The age of the students will be considered as on event date


Format :


Championship is designed to make participants compete not only against each other but also against the clock. This will be a rapid rated game.


* Back-to-back games for 1 hours; Participants will be continuously paired with the player based on their ranking, game-after-game for 1 hours , with 1 min downtime between individual games , each game will have a maximum time limit of 10 minutes.


* Scores for each game result:Loss: + 0 Draw: + 1 Win: + 2


* Winners: Top 3 scorers in each category after 1 hours of battles


* Format is subjected to change based on organiser discretion. Final format and rules will be provided to the registered participants.



About Malsar:


Malsar hosts the All India Quick Chess Championship, Kids Chess Championship, Kids Sudoku Championship and many other competitions. Join community today and participate in exciting events for players of all skill levels. For more details checkout our website maslardotin .


Whether you’re a seasoned Chess player or just getting started, we invite you to join our community and participate in our exciting events.


Guidelines for Participation


* Register and pay the fee to participate.
* The rules and complete event details will be sent by 6 April.
* Additional Paid Practice will happen on 11 April at 7 PM.
* Join the contest on 13 April at 11:00 AM through the platform specified by the organiser.
* Winners will be announced on 17 April at 7 PM on Malsar’s Instagram page(https://www.instagram.com/_malsar/).
* Medals will be dispatched by 20 April to the winners.





* Medals & Certificate for the top 3 winners in each category
* E-certificate to all participants
* Social Media Coverage of the Winners


For any query please drop an email to support@malsar.in



Terms and condition


* Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged or refunded


* An Internet handling fee per ticket may be levied. Please check the total amount before payment


* Recording of this event is not permitted. Strict action will be taken against those who break the guidelines.


* The time and date of the show may vary due to internet connectivity issues. In this case, the organiser will share the revised date and/or timing at the earliest


* There may be interruptions in the event due to internet connectivity issue. Participants must have good speed internet connectivity


* These terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time at the discretion of the organizer


For more details refer the Official Website



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