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Logo & Memento Design Contest for Rural Innovators Meet – KSCSTE

Logo & Memento Design Contest for Rural Innovators Meet - KSCSTE

Logo & Memento Design Contest for Rural Innovators Meet – KSCSTE

About Logo & Memento Design Contest for Rural Innovators Meet – KSCSTE


Guidelines for the logo contest of Rural Innovators Meet (RIM)


I. General Guidelines


1. The Contest is open to all college students in Kerala.


2. The logo must be designed in line with the technical specifications included in section II.


3. Entries may be submitted by interested persons by email to rim2022kscste@gmail.com. with subject of email as LOGO FOR KSCSTE-RIM. The e-mail should contain the following details along with the logo.


i. Participant name

ii. e-mail ID
iii.Phone number
iv.Scanned copy of College ID card
v. brief explanation of the logo and how it best symbolizes the ethos of KSCSTE-RIM in pdf format (maximum of 250 words).
vi.Specification sheet


Incomplete entries or entries with wrong details will not be considered for the competition.


4. The last date for submission of entries is 15th July, 2022.


5. The participant must be the same person who has designed the logo and no plagiarism of any kind would be allowed


6. The logo must not contain any provocative, objectionable or inappropriate content.


7. The winning logo may be used by KSCSTE in any manner they deem fit. KSCSTE reserves the right to modify (or fine-tune) the prize winning logo, i.e. unfettered right to modify the prize-winning logo design and add or delete any information or design feature in any form. KSCSTE also reserves the right to not use the prize-winning logo at all, and/ or to use an alternative logo and/ or to not use any logo at all.


8. The logo must be original and should not violate any provision of the Indian Copyright Act, 1957. KSCSTE does not bear any responsibility for copyright violations or infringements of intellectual property carried out by the participants.


9. The winning logo shall be the intellectual property of KSCSTE, and the winners cannot exercise any right over them. The winner shall be deemed to have surrendered copyrights of the winning logo to KSCSTE as soon as the results are declared. The winning entry will
be awarded a cash prize during the inaugural function of RIM – 2022.


10. The responsibility to comply with the guidelines and other conditions fully lies with the participant and KSCSTE shall not be liable for any dispute raised by a third party.


11. The results of the contest will be published in the official website of KSCSTE www.kscste.kerala.gov.in.


II. Technical Specifications


1. Participants should upload the logo in JPEG or PNG or PDF format only.


2. The logo shall be in colour format. However, it shall be usable in monochromatic (black and white) format also.


3. A specification sheet containing graphical construction of the design in exact proportions in a bigger size, along with the final design, theme synopsis and concept is required to be submitted.


4. All technical details, including file formats, can be structured in the sheet itself. The size of the final design may vary from 5 cms X 5 cms to 60 X 60 cms. (Note: No specific geometric shape for the logo is required. The dimensions above indicate only the minimum
and maximum ‘frame’ sizes of usage.)


5. The logo should be in high resolution with a minimum of 300 DPI.


6. The logo should be designed on a digital platform.


7. Participants should not imprint or watermark logo design.


8. Every entry must be accompanied by an explanation in a maximum of 250 words. This write-up too should be preferably uploaded, preferably in PDF format.


9. During the evaluation, contest organizers may ask participants to resubmit their entry in different size(s)/ format(s) etc


III. Evaluation


1. All the entries received by KSCSTE would be assessed by a selection committee, constituted by KSCSTE.


2. Entries would be judged based on elements of creativity, originality, composition, technical excellence, simplicity, artistic merit and visual impact and how well they communicate the spirit of RIM.


3. The decision of the selection committee would be final and binding on all the contestants and no clarifications would be issued to any participants or any decision of the selection committee


For more details refer the Official Publihser


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