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National Hangeul Museum Photography Contest 2021-Hangeul I Met

National Hangeul Museum Photography Contest 2021-Hangeul I Met

National Hangeul Museum Photography Contest 2021-Hangeul I Met

About National Hangeul Museum Photography Contest 2021-Hangeul I Met



Photos related to Hangeul I met

such as those of people learning Hangeul, pretty and unique Hangeul signboards and products(T-shirts, belongings, bags, etc.) and photos of Hangeul met by chance outside Korea (The photos must be the participants’ original works taken in 2021.) ※ We don’t seek high-quality artworks. Please send beautiful Hangeul-related pictures!




Anyone from around the world who loves Hangeul




from Tuesday, May 18, 2021 to Monday, August 16, 2021 (GMT+9)




Send a photo with an application form to hangeul_m@naver.com (limited to one work per person)

* The application form can be downloaded from the website (www.hangeul.go.kr)


Submission Guidelines


– Submit digital files (graphically synthesized works not accepted).
– No restrictions on shooting equipment (cell phones, action cameras possible)
– The original copies of prize-winning works must be submitted with at least 3,000 pixels on the longer side.
– The metadata of the picture (date, etc.) must be included.


Selection Criteria


– Works will be judged on these criteria: subject conformity*, creativity, artistry, etc.
* A work related to Hangeul of everyday lives that can contribute to expanding Hangeul culture
※ A total of 30 people will be selected (including 20% of works by foreigners and overseas residents).


Announcement of Winners


In September, 2021 (The list of winners will be posted on the website (www.hangeul.go.kr) and they will also be notified individually.)




– Only copyrighted works taken by the participants themselves can be submitted, and even if the entry is awarded, the copyright will still belong to the participants.


– When the NHM receives an exclusive license from the winners regarding the copyrights of the winning works, it can freely use them for marketing purposes (production, reproduction, distribution: the NHM website, SNS, advertisements, printing, etc.) and change all or part of the works within the scope of its business purposes. Applicants who disagree with this will be excluded from the selection of winners (including award cancellation even after being selected).


-In any case, if a contestant submits an imitation work or a winning work in other contests, or modifies the metadata of the original filming, he or she will be disqualified (including award cancellation). In the event of a copyright dispute over an entry, the NHM is not liable for any legal responsibility. (The NHM does not own the copyright for the entry.)


– The winner shall not violate the exclusive right of the NHM, by, for instance, transferring the copyright of the award-winning work to a third party other than the NHM or granting permission to use it.


– In the case of aerial (drone) photography, works will be accepted only when the shooting was done under the approval of the relevant authorities and complies with the Aviation Safety Act and other related legal regulations, and the participant shall be fully liable for the shooting. Works that do not comply with the above will not be considered (including award cancellation).


– The final winners must submit relevant documents within 7 days after selection, and failure to do so may result in award cancellation.


– All entries that have not been awarded will be discarded within 3 months from the end of the contest.


* For further details, please contact hangeul_m(at)naver.com


Information Link


Official Website : https://india.korean-culture.org/en


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