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PatBnB Research Challenge

PatBnB Research Challenge

PatBnB Research Challenge

About PatBnB Research Challenge
Technology Landscape Study On Devices For Women Urination Assistance


Need a detailed Technology Landscape study report on all the open source or patented technology & innovations for Urination Assistance devices for Women.


Project Detail



Women generally hate dirty and unhygienic toilets as they raise the risk of infections. For women who travel for work or leisure, a big challenge faced on a daily basis is access to clean toilets in public places. Frequent encounter with dirty public restrooms in flights, fuel stations, trains, malls, metro stations or on highways often lead to Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) & a generally bad experience. Safe & easy to use solutions are thus required that helps women avoid infections and peeing hassles such as wiping the seat, holding in or squatting while using public restrooms. Also, the solutions provided should be convenient, comfortable, economical, and easy to use.


Hundreds of companies and innovators have worked on affordable female hygiene products/technologies which are not known to many researchers and start-ups who may have capability to manufacture it but not fully aware of the Pros, Cons and How it works. So, it’s important to have a comprehensive innovation landscape study to enable manufacturing of a variety of products that enable millions of women safely access public restroom facilities on the roads, fuel stations, malls, trains, stations, airports, colleges, corporate offices etc. We are looking for existing, proven technologies/products that can be rapidly adapted to be built in locally or at large scale.


Research Focus


Research should be focused on Women urination Assistance devices including one or more of following components:


1. Patents (both design & utility) along with current legal status in India, if applicable


2. Scientific publications, research papers & journals publicly available


3. Any video or demo of the product/device detailing its usage & functionalities


4. Other www resources such as social media, e-commerce & other websites detailing features, design & function of the product


We need details explaining how it works or how it’s built, pros, cons and failure modes. We will also need the contact details like email and phone number of the inventor or the firm, if possible.


Please NOTE that, some paper funnel based solution like PeeBuddy are already known to the Solution Seeker of this study. However, similar results must be included in the report to earn points on comprehensiveness. We are specifically looking for innovative concepts not so well known on e-commerce websites or social media or literature with some scientific evidence of efficacy and details of how to make it. Adding the contact details of the innovator or creator of such technology or device will be very handy to accelerate the manufacturing by a local player and hence would earn additional cherry points during evaluation.


The Research Focus lists the most important elements your submission needs to match. The Review Team will look for these elements when they review and rank your submissions. To facilitate the review of your submission, please copy paste specific sections of the text that correspond to the elements of the Research Requirements.


Deliverable format


Deliverable will be in the form of a report in a WordDoc format along with hyperlink to sources (if public) and relevant text from the reference documents. Any supporting PDFs/WordDoc can be uploaded as additional attachments (please rename to Ref_ID that you have used in the report for easy identification and review by the PatBnB team). Please note that any relevant text in the report without supporting source will be disqualified and not considered for reward.


The Word Doc should be segregated into 3 different section for ease of understanding & review:


1. Patent Documents with relevant text, details, legal status etc.

2. Scientific publications & research papers with text details, images

3. Any other documents, video or website found during secondary research on WWW


Evaluation Criteria


Submissions will be scored using the following grading matrix:


1. Quality & Uniqueness of references (5 points)
2. Comprehensiveness of coverage (5 points)
3. Presentation/Formatting and ease of understanding (5 points)
4. Speed of submission (up to 5 Bonus points in case two reports are equivalent in terms of other parameters)


Reward Structure


A total of INR 40,000 in rewards is available. Rewards will be paid to Researcher who submits the best collection in the report. The best collection(s) will be determined by the total number of in-scope submissions and the overall quality and diversity of the collection (refer to the evaluation criteria above). An additional INR 2500 will be distributed as discretionary rewards among the Researcher(s) who have contributed significantly to the study based on, for example, responsiveness to leads we give them for the study, and the accuracy of relevant text for references.


• Reward Money: Rs.50000
• Jurisdiction: Any Jurisdiction
• Posted on: July 7, 2020
• Expires On: July 31, 2020


Students can register on Patbnb.com as a catalyst then they will be able to see all the ongoing Research Challenges in their platform.


For more details refer : https://www.patbnb.com/


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