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Planetarium Innovation Challenge

Planetarium Innovation Challenge

Planetarium Innovation Challenge

About Planetarium Innovation Challenge

India has made great strides in Space research under the able leadership of our Space scientists and today ISRO is regarded to be the most capable and competitive space agency, compared to the best in the world. India’s Space Missions have led to an increased interest amongst the students and youth towards Space research and understanding to learn more about the outer Space.


Planetariums in metros and other big cities attract a large number of students and provide first exposure to learn more about Space. There have been efforts made to increase the availability of Planetariums in smaller cities and even in rural areas. Worldwide, efforts have been made for integrating Augmented Reality (A.R.), Virtual Reality (V.R.) and Merged Reality (M.R.) technologies into Planetariums. Mobile Planetariums have also become popular and provide an opportunity for people in rural areas to get experience of a planetarium. Several Indian start-ups and tech firms have the potential to build such AR/VR/MR solutions as also provide mobile planetarium solutions. With an objective to recognize the best such Indian solutions, MyGov under Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), the Government of India, invites applications from Indian Startups and tech entrepreneurs for an Innovation Challenge to develop state-of-the-art technology for our Planetariums. Selected solutions will not only be given cash rewards but also an opportunity to deploy them in various cities and rural areas by getting them listed on the GeM portal.




1. Program Launch Date : 11th September 2021

2. Last Registration Date : 10th October 2021


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