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Quiz Competition On Navratri

Quiz Competition On Navratri

Quiz Competition On Navratri

About Quiz Competition On Navratri

It is with great joy and devotion that we, the Krishna Bhakt & Mera Bharat Mahaan Foundation, announce a special quiz competition to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Navratri. Navratri is a time of spiritual growth, and what better way to elevate our souls than through a quiz that focuses on our rich culture, traditions, and devotion to Lord Krishna.This quiz aims to provide a deeper insight into our cultural heritage and spiritual traditions.


 Quiz Details


Date:-[15-10-2023 To 23-10-2023]




Their will be 15 question of 10 marks Each


Every question point Count matter’s.


Prizes and Certificates


Personalized certificates will be awarded to all participants, acknowledging their enthusiasm and dedication. Show off your Navratri expertise and stand a chance to win beautifully crafted personalized certificates as a token of appreciation!


 Important Thing To Do Before Submitting:-


You Should Have To CheckOut Our Both Pages&Website(Click Here)&Also Share With Your Friends & This is mandatory For Taking Part.



 Main Rules & Regulations: –


Respect and sportsmanship are of utmost importance. Inappropriate conduct results in disqualification..
Participants are kindly requested to maintain a respectful demeanor throughout the quiz.

Honesty and fairness are essential; any form of cheating or unfair means will result in disqualification.
The decisions made by Our quizmaster are final and Binding.


About the Event:-


Kriishn_Bhakt and the Mera Bharat Mahaan Foundation are coming together to celebrate the spirit of Navratri 2023 with an exciting and enlightening quiz competition. This event promises to be a fusion of knowledge, culture, and festivity, creating a unique platform for participants to test their understanding of Navratri traditions and its significance.


This quiz competition is open to all devotees and lovers of our great nation, regardless of age. It will test your knowledge of Krishna’s teachings, the significance of Navratri, and our beautiful cultural heritage.


Mark your calendars for this Navratri 2023 quiz competition, brought to you by Kriish_Bhakt and the Mera Bharat Mahaan Foundation. Let’s celebrate the beauty of Navratri together while enriching our understanding of this cherished festival




Participation in the competition is open to all individuals who have a passion for Quiz and a love for Lord Krishna&Mata Rani, this event welcomes all talent.




Organizers may modify rules or cancel the quiz.


Decision and Disputes:- Organizers’ decisions are final.


If Their is a Tie-Breaker:-


First submission received wins in case of a tie.



Spread the Joy:-


Please assist in spreading the word about this quiz! Share the event details with your friends and family. Let’s collectively make this Navratri memorable and enriching for everyone involved


Don’t miss this chance to showcase your Navratri knowledge and win fantastic prizes! Let’s celebrate Navratri in style. Stay tuned for more updates and be part of the Navratri festivity with MeraBharatMahaanFoundation & Kriishn_Bhakt!


To register, simply fill This form and submit your entry.


In case any query, simply DM us on Instagram:-





To Participate in the Quiz Simply Click On the link To participate:-https://forms.gle/trWZHjZ8N7JPfvxZA


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