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Spark Innovation Awards 2019-20

Spark Innovation Awards

Spark Innovation Awards 2019-20

About Spark Innovation Awards 2019-20


Philosophy behind the SPARK Innovation Awards:


KVRSS is a not-for-profit, self funded society, dedicated to the promotion of science among youth, specially school children. With a view of fostering spirit of scientific enquiry and promoting innovation among school-children, KVRSS holds an annual science fair wherein the Spark Innovation Awards are given for entries displaying harnessing of scientific concepts for solutions to every-day issues through some novel concept / method / process / device.

The Spark contest aims to encourage innovation among school children through an inter-school competition wherein the Spark Innovation Awards would be given to the children who come up with the most original exhibits/concepts in the fields of Biology, Botany, Food Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Mathematics including – but not limited to all branches of science like Earth and Environment Sciences, Electricity and Electronics, Robotics, Energy. The competition is open to students from the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

What we are looking for:


The proposals should focus on Innovative Ideas of students and not a mere compilation of ideas or project – work downloaded from the internet.


SPARK 2019-20


A) KVRSS SPARK Innovation Awards


The competition is open to school students from classes 7 to 12 in the age  at group of 12 – 18 years as on 31 December, 2019. All students must have  permission/certificate from the school or parent or legal guardian to enter  the Competition. The decision regarding the students’ eligibility to participate rests with KVRSS – who in turn will constitute selection committees consisting of eminent science teachers – both school and university level. The decisions of these expert committees will be final.


B) KVRSS-CCMB Collaborative SPARK Innovation Awards In collaboration with CSIR – Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology
(CCMB), Hyderabad, a premier research institution in the frontier areas of  modern biology, KVRSS introduces an additional category of SPARK awards. This category of projects will be based on a theme given by CCMB  and open to  students of classes 9 to 12
The theme this year is “Climate Change Challenge”. We invite entries on how climate change affects your local ecosystem and living quality, and how you  propose to alleviate the situation. We will evaluate your entry on how deeply you  understand the effects of climate change on your surroundings, how innovative  and feasible your proposed solution is, and how you might engage with  implementing the idea given a chance. We encourage it if you are also able to show  us a proof of concept of your idea.


Students may submit projects on this theme as per the same guidelines as for  the regular categories.  Students from the selected projects will be taken for a nature walk with ecologists  and a visit to CCMB’s Laboratory for Conservation of Endangered Species (LaCONES). They will have a hands-on experience of the cutting edge research  done in the LaCONES and interact with the scientists there. The decision regarding  the students’ eligibility to participate rests with KVRSS and CCMB – who will  constitute selection committees. The decisions of these expert committees will
be final.


Note : The above awards will be given in addition to the regular awards given each  year by KVRSS for SPARK Innovation event. Project proposals should be  submitted separately for the two sections (A and B) of awards.



Winners Rs. 10,000/- only
Runner-up I Rs. 7,500/- only
Runner-up II Rs. 5,000/- only



Dr. K.V. Rao Scientific Society
8-3-169/84, Siddartha Nagar, Vengal Rao Nagar PO, Hyderabad – 500 038,

Visit us: www.kvrss.org, Mail us: drkvrss.sciencefair(at)gmail.com, contact(at)kvrss.org,

Mobile: 98499 90794, 70936 01588, 70936 00794, 99594 44933


Official Website : https://www.kvrss.org


Information Document – Refer 


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