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Bhajan Lal Scholarship

Bhajan Lal Scholarship

Bhajan Lal Scholarship


About – Bhajan Lal Scholarship


One of our core Focus Areas at Bhajan Global Impact Foundation (BGIF) is Environment. We believe that it is each of our responsibility to protect the environment and create a sustainable planet for future generations of all living beings. Our focus on the environment draws inspiration from the Bishnoi community and their philosophy of peaceful coexistence with nature.


Considered the first environmentalists of the world, Bishnois have been practising environmental conservation for over 500 years. Long before the terms ‘environmentalism’, ‘global warming’, and ‘climate change’ entered public discourse, a small community in Rajasthan, India, had already begun eulogising our divine connect with nature.


Bishnois have a strong sense of kinship with animal and plant life. They protect flora and fauna with fervent zeal, and have often sacrificed their lives for the protection of biodiversity. The ‘Chipko movement’ of September 1730 is known to many, in which 363 women, children, and men – led by Amrita Devi – were hacked to death by the soldiers of Maharaja Abhay Singh of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, who ordered the Khejri trees in the region to be felled to build his new palace. Over the years, many other members of the Bishnoi community have continued to stand up against poaching, deforestation, and other human-induced ecological hazards.


Although many of us feel strongly about ideas and initiatives towards protecting and respecting the environment, research on and higher studies in environment (and related subjects) have experienced an upward trajectory only recently. Given the pressing challenges that climate change and global warming present to the modern world, BGIF would like to encourage and support young minds to pursue research and higher studies in environment.


We believe that research in environment and related disciplines, as well as actions backed by such research, is integral for inclusive and sustainable development in India and the world. We also believe that academic disciplines related to the environment must be promoted at an institutional level as well. Therefore, BGIF would like to encourage students who have chosen this rare academic and professional route, and support them on their journey to find innovative solutions to the daunting challenges that climate change and global warming present to the world today.


BGIF has committed to provide full or partial scholarships and support to students pursuing an MSc, MPhil or PhD in disciplines related to the environment in both Indian as well as foreign universities. The scholarship will be offered following an assessment of both the need and the merit of the candidate. Selected students will be called Bhajan Lal Scholars.


Levels/ Fields of Study


MSc/ MPhil/ PhD (or equivalent) in:

* Environmental Management
* Environmental Economics
* Natural Resource Management
* Environmental Policy and Management
* Sustainable Development
* Environmental Policy
* Environmental Justice
* Environmental Law
* Environmental Ethics
* Environmental Finance
* Environmental History
* Environmental Chemistry
* Toxicology
* Horticulture

* Disciplines/ Subjects related to Water such as Hydrology, Water Resource Management, Sedimentation of Rivers, Water Waste, Ground Water, etc.
* Disciplines/ Subjects related to Geology and Soils such as Soil Quality, Weathering, etc.
* Disciplines/ Subjects related to Energy such as Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, Biogas, etc.
*Disciplines/ Subjects related to Wildlife such as Wildlife Conservation, Wildlife Management, Wildlife Observation, etc.
* Disciplines/ Subjects related to Waste such as Solid Waste Management, Liquid Waste Management, Integrated Waste Management, etc.

BGIF is open to considering other courses if a justification on the course’s link to Environment and/or Sustainability is provided.


What will the Bhajan Lal Scholarship include?


Scholarships will include partial or full payments towards tuition fees, living expenses, travel, and research, unless these expenses are covered by the University (or any other source of funding).


What is the duration of the Bhajan Lal Scholarship?


The Scholarship will be provided for a duration of 12 or 24 months, to be reviewed at the end of every 6 months or end of each semester (whichever comes first).




Candidates will be eligible to apply for the Bhajan Lal Scholarship, if s/he:


–  Holds a Bachelor’s degree in a related subject.
– Holds an offer of admission from a recognised university in India or abroad in a discipline related to Environment.

Additional Requirements (once selected)


At the end of every 6 months or semester (whichever comes first), the Scholar will have to submit the following for a renewal of the scholarship:

– Official academic transcript
– Description of courses/modules taken and how it has been beneficial to the Scholar (400-500 words per course/module)
– Extracurricular or community activities undertaken (400-500 words)
– Plans for Next Semester/ Next 6 Months (Should include Courses to be taken)

* The Scholar will commit to spending 1 out of his/her first 5 years post completion of university to work full time with BGIF, with remuneration commensurate to experience

* If however the above is not possible due to unforeseen circumstances, BGIF and the scholar can come to a mutual consensus on the Scholar’s engagement plan with BGIF

Application instructions


* Please fill out the application form online here (or) Download it here and email it to scholarships@bhajanfoundation.org

Incase of email please attach the following to the same email:

– CV (separate document)
– Answers to Essay Questions (separate document)
– Social activities and causes in which the candidate is involved (400-500 words; separate document)
– Additional information, including reasons for poor grades, financial background, other externalities, if relevant (400-500 words; separate document)

* If selected in the first round, candidates will be called in for an interview with the BGIF Scholarship Committee. If the candidate lives in Delhi-NCR, the interview will be conducted in person. Otherwise, the interview will be conducted via video conference.

* If selected in the interview, there will be a meeting between BGIF management, the Bhajan Lal Scholarship Committee, the guardians of the candidate, and the candidate, before finalisation of the Scholarship.


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