Candere Scholarship

Candere Scholarship

Candere Scholarship

About Candere Scholarship

So you have Amazing Writing or drawing skills? And you are seeking scholarship to aid your university education? Show your talent & win a scholarship of $350 from Candere. is an online store that has revolutionized the online acquisition of world class, clear cut and affordable jewelry. Our name Candere means ‘to shine’ and that is exactly what we intend to do to our clients to make you shine.


We are the first premium jewelry store to make custom made, quality jewelry that is delivered in a timely and efficient manner. We cultivate trust among our clients by having a thirty day return policy, if you don ‘t like what we have made for you, be rest assured that we will refund your money 100%.


Candere is offering an academic scholarship to anyone who believes they have what it takes. If you believe that you can draw like Di Caprio or write like Stephen King, this is the competition for you!


During these hard economic times, we find it necessary to reward talent and fund the dreams of academic excellence for one of you. This is in effort to give back to the community.


How to enter the Candere Scholarship Competition


Visit our website and familiarize yourself with our products, especially the diamond rings and the diamond engagement rings.


Draw a doodle on “what is the next big thing in fashion” or write a well-informed, inspiration piece on the same topic.


Remember we are looking for a Di Caprio in art and a Stephen king in writers… what do they have in common? Creativity and uniqueness. The piece must be original and one of a kind.


You must submit the article or doodle before the 31st of December 2019; anyone who submits an entry after this date will be automatically disqualified.


Send your entries to scholarship(at) clearly indicating on the subject the title “Scholarship Competition”


The Eligibility of the Candere Scholarship is as follows


Clearly indicate on your submission the following details.

– Name.
– Age.
– The University which you are currently attending.
– What program or course you are enrolled in.
– The financial need you have.
– Phone number and email address.
– Residency.
– Which year in university you are in.

All employees or relatives of employees of Candere are disqualified from participating in this competition.


All works must be original or you risk disqualification.


The scholarship prize money is three hundred and fifty US dollars. The participant must therefore clearly outline what this money will be used for.


The scholarship amount is non-transferable to anyone other than the current participant.


The scholarship is only available to students for the academic year 2019-2020.


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