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DCT Scholarship Scheme 2018-2019 Dempo Charities Trust

DCT Scholarship Scheme 2018-2019 Dempo Charities Trust

DCT Scholarship Scheme 2018-2019 Dempo Charities Trust




Every year the Dempo Charities Trust shall earmark a special scholarship fund for disbursement to meritorious students pursuing higher and professional education.


The objective of the Merit-cum-Means Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to meritorious but financially weak Goan students, to help them pursue postgraduate or professional education in Goa or in eminent institutions located in other states of India.




1. The applicant must have obtained admission to any postgraduate or professional programme in Goa or in any institution of repute in India during the academic year 2018-19.


2. The applicant should not be a recipient of any other scholarship/freeship from the Central/State government or any other source.


3. Only those applicants whose family income from all sources is less than Rs. 6 lakhs per annum shall be eligible to apply for the scholarship.




1. The Scheme shall be notified on the institutional website www.dempos.com and in local dailies on 01-11-2018. Applications shall be received online during the period from 01-11-2018 to 30-11-2018.


2. The candidates shall be required to submit the application online and submit a print copy of the application to Dempo Charities Trust, Dempo House, Campal, Panaji-Goa 403001, along with the following documents:


* Photograph

* Copy of letter of admission to the postgraduate/professional programme.
* Copy of receipt towards tuition fee, other fees, hostel fees, etc. (excluding deposits) paid by the student for the academic year 2018-19.
* Copy of statement of marks of the preceding Board/University examination.
* Valid family income certificate for the preceding year, issued by competent government authority.
* IT returns of both parents for the preceding two years.



1. A Committee appointed by the Trust shall scrutinize the applications and shall recommend to the Trustees a list of candidates for award of the merit-cum-means scholarship for the year 2018-19.


2. Up to 50% of the scholarships shall be earmarked for girl students.


3. The amount of scholarship shall cover tuition fee and other fees/charges including hostel fees as approved by the University/Institution concerned, either in full or in part, as per the recommendations of the Committee.


4. The decision of the Trust in determining the total amount to be disbursed every year by way of scholarship, in selection of the candidates, and the quantum of scholarship per candidate, shall be final and binding.


5. The scholarship shall be disbursed through a single transaction, directly in the Aadhaar linked savings bank account of the applicant.




The scholarship shall be valid only for the academic year 2018-19; however, the recipients during 2018-19 shall be entitled to continuation of scholarship till completion of their postgraduate/ professional course during the subsequent academic years, subject to the following conditions:


*  The candidate shall have obtained minimum 55% marks in the aggregate, in the preceding academic year.
* The candidate shall not have any backlog courses.
* The candidate shall not have earned any reprimand for breach of discipline in the institution where he/she has enrolled for the postgraduate/professional programme.


Dempo Charities Trust  

Merit-cum-Means Scholarship Scheme  APPLICATION FORM : 2018-19


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