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Femme First Foundation The She Runs Government Fellowship

Femme First Foundation The She Runs Government Fellowship

Femme First Foundation The She Runs Government Fellowship

About Femme First Foundation The She Runs Government Fellowship

Femme First Foundation is a non-partisan, non-profit organisation committed to amplifying women’s leadership in Indian politics. We aim to nurture and groom women political leaders to build a better world. Our focus is not limited to increasing women’s representation in politics, we intend to enhance the quality of their representation as well.

The She Runs Government Fellowship is a six-month program that is focused on capacity-building, training, and mentorship of women in politics. It seeks to enhance and improve the quality of political participation of women.


The fellows will undergo residential in-person workshops, intensive virtual learning sessions, and hands-on mentorship by seasoned women politicians. This three-pronged approach will provide an academic grounding of democratic frameworks and policy-making, up-skill them with practical know-hows of electioneering, build the fellows’ personal brands through personalised Public Narrative trainings by coaches from Harvard Kennedy School, and learn the ropes of politicking directly from a mentor who is undergoing the realities and tackling the challenges of being a woman in public office.

The objectives of the programme are:


* To equip with skills and strategic knowledge to effectively run for office, legislate, and govern


* To develop a deeper understanding of the nuances and challenges of the Indian democratic system and various political theories, and to gain exposure to policy-framing under renowned practitioners and domain-experts


* To provide mentorship to navigate the labyrinth of the political world directly from seasoned women politicians


* To build a network of women leaders, policy experts, and campaign professionals to form partnerships and draw upon shared knowledge and exchange best practices


The following categories will be eligible for the fellowship:


* Women who have contested election at any level i.e college, university, RWA, local government, MLA etc

* Women in nominated political party positions for at least 6 months

* Women who have worked in civil-society, policy or media organisations for at least 2 years and want to transition to a career in politics

* Women who are/were LAMP/Acumen/Gandhi/Teach for India Fellows and aspire to join politics

If you don’t fit in any of the above category, yet think you deserve a seat, write to us: contact(at)femmefirst.org

Application deadline: 28 February 2021

Shortlisted applicants’ interviews: 5th – 10th March 2021

Selected Fellows list: 15th March 2021



April to June 2021 : Virtual learning (approx. 5 hours/month)

24th to 27th June 2021 : Residential workshop (Venue yet to be fixed)

July to October 2021 : Virtual learning + Mentoring sessions


For more details and online application process refer the Official Website :


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