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Hanna H.Gray Fellows Program

Hanna H.Gray Fellows Program

Hanna H.Gray Fellows Program 2020

About Hanna H.Gray Fellows Program 2020


Howard Hughes Medical Institute – The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) plays an important role in advancing scientific research and education in the United States. Its scientists, located across the country and around the world, have made important discoveries that advance both human health and our fundamental understanding of biology. The Institute also aims to transform science education into a creative, interdisciplinary endeavor that reflects the excitement of research.


About Hanna H. Gray


The Hanna H. Gray Fellows Program honors the contributions of Hanna Holborn Gray, PhD, over her 28 years of service as a trustee of HHMI. A former chair of the trustees, she was one of the eight original trustees appointed in 1984 to govern the Institute. During her tenure, the Institute made significant changes to its process for selecting the scientists in which it invests, opening its doors to an ever-increasing pool of applicants.




HHMI seeks to increase diversity in the biomedical research community. We know that the biggest challenges in science call for diverse perspectives and original thinking. The goal of the Hanna H. Gray Fellows Program is to recruit and retain individuals from gender, racial, ethnic, and other groups underrepresented in the life sciences, including those individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, at the career stages targeted by this program. Through their successful careers, HHMI Hanna Gray Fellows will become leaders in academic research and inspire future generations of scientists from America’s diverse talent pool.


Following the “people, not projects” philosophy of HHMI, the competition is open to those dedicated to basic research from both doctoral and/or medical training paths in the biomedical and life science disciplines, including plant biology, evolutionary biology, biophysics, chemical biology, biomedical engineering, and computational biology. Fellows have freedom to change their research focus and follow their own curiosity for the duration of the award.


Fellows will receive funding through their academic institution for postdoctoral training and may continue to receive funding during their early career years as independent faculty. The program provides opportunities for career development, including mentoring and networking with others in the HHMI scientific community. Fellows in the postdoctoral training phase receive total support of $90,000 annually, allocated for salary and an expense allowance. This phase is a minimum of two and maximum of four years. Fellows in the faculty phase receive research support for up to four years through an annual grant of $270,000.


To transition to the faculty phase, fellows must obtain a tenure-track (or equivalent) faculty position at a U.S. (including Puerto Rico) research institution with a doctoral-level graduate program in their area of interest




• Online application site opens: September 12, 2019
• Application submission due: January 8, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. (ET)
• Mentor and reference letters due: January 15, 2020
• Notification of status: Late April 2020
• Finalist symposium: June 22-25, 2020
• Notification of awardees selection: Late June 2020
• Intent to accept award due: Mid-July 2020
• Possible start dates for grant term: between September 15, 2020, and January 19, 2021


Information Document


For more details about Eligibility , COMPONENTS OF THE APPLICATION please refer the Official Website


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