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Heartfulness Fellowship Program

Heartfulness Fellowship Program

Heartfulness Fellowship Program




The Heartfulness Fellowship is a year-long fellowship which combines intensive meditation practice alongside professional training in one of Heartfulness interest areas. The aim of the fellowship is to empower candidates both spiritually and professionally so that they may become Heartfulness Ambassadors and active visionaries in India and around the world.


The Fellowship


* A unique opportunity to become an integral part of the Heartfulness movement
* A one-year program with stipend and accommodation to support your learning
* Dedicated expert trainers and mentors to help you grow and gain real-life experience
* Choice of postings based on candidate’s skills, interest, potential and mission’s need
* A chance to become grounded in the practice with practical experience and in-depth knowledge of key points of the philosophy of Sahaj Marg
*A platform to develop valuable skills while acquiring new competencies that will benefit the candidate, the Mission and the society at large






1. Existing practitioners of Heartfulness, who have been practicing the system for a minimum of one year
2. Time and willingness to travel and live away from home and be relocated in one of the Heartfulness centers across India for the period of the program
3. Recognised undergraduate in any discipline
4. Preference is given to youth under the age of 30
5. Strong extracurricular engagement, specially previous experience in Heartfulness activities
6. Written and oral communication skills in English




Given the eligibility criteria above, we will be giving particular attention to the candidate exhibiting passion to carry forward the Heartfulness vision, enthusiasm to work in team, a self-driven and mature attitude and the openness to learn.


Application and selection process:


Applications for January 2019 are open!


1. Application form: Applicants are invited to fill out an online form with their educational and professional details.

2. Motivation and interests: The eligibility criteria are applied here and selected applicants are invited to share more details about their interests in the Heartfulness movement and motivation to join the program. This will lead them to an interview with the Fellowship Team.

3. Interview with mentors: The selected profiles are then directed to the respective mentors according. Mentors establish a direct connection and if possible a face-to-face interview is planed. In the worst case, the interview can happen on a call.

4. Assessment by HR: Candidates are further interviewed by the department of Human Resources of the Heartfulness Education Trust.


Timeline for 2018- 2019


First batch 2019

– November 12th Announcement about Fellowship program
– 12th November 2018 Application open http://heartfulness.org/education/fellowship/
– Once the application is received Motivation form sent to selected applicants
– 1st of December onwards Interview with Fellowship Team and Mentors
– 15th of December 2018 Last date to submit applications
– 5th of January 2019 Enrolment in the program
– 30st December 2019 Last day of the program


International Students:


International students can enrol in the program provided that they are eligible to obtain an ‘Internship Visa’. Please check the conditions within your country to fill this request. HET cannot enrol overseas fellows on any other kind of visa.


Fellowship Publisher Link


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