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GIIDAE Scholarships 2020-2021

GIIDAE Scholarships 2019-2020

GIIDAE Scholarships 2020-2021

About GIIDAE Scholarships 2020-2021
Graduate Institute of International Development, Agriculture and Economics (GIIDAE) International Scholarship 2020: India

The GIIDAE International Scholarship is available to applicants who are looking to study a Masters programme with the Graduate Institute of International Development, Agriculture and Economics (GIIDAE).


The scholarship is made of up of a number of scholarships worth £3,000 each and is open to students from any international country who are studying on any of GIIDAE’s programmes.


Conditions of Application and Award


Terms and Conditions


1. To be considered, applicants must have an offer of a place on one of the programmes listed below at the time of application:


• MSc Agricultural Economics
• MSc Agriculture and Development
• MSc Animal Science
• MSc Applied International Development
• MSc Climate Change and Development
• MSc Consumer Behaviour
• MSc Communication for Development
• MSc Development Finance
• MSc Environment and Development
• MSc Food Economics and Marketing
• MSc Food Security and Development
• MRes Research Agricultural and Food Economics
• MSc Research Agriculture Ecology and Environment


If you have a conditional offer that includes English, and you are offered a scholarship, you must demonstrate the required level of English proficiency within one month of being offered the Scholarship, otherwise the scholarship offer will be withdrawn.


2. Applicants must be students liable to pay overseas tuition fees (not from the UK/EU).


3. Awards are intended to acknowledge and support applicants with good academic records.


4. A maximum of one scholarship will be awarded per applicant.


5. An award will only apply for the 2020-21 academic year and cannot be deferred.


6. Applicants must complete the application form in its entirety to be eligible for consideration.


7. Successful candidates only will be contacted on an individual basis via email.


8. The Graduate Institute reserves the right to offer no awards if no suitable applicants apply.


9. Applicants must not be also in receipt of a full (tuition and living expenses) scholarship. If an applicant is awarded a full scholarship, they must notify GIIDAE at the contact email. Applicants are still eligible if they are in receipt of a partial scholarship (does not cover all of the applicant’s tuition and living expenses).


10. Applications for a scholarship must be received by 1st July 2020. As applications will be considered as they are received, it is not guaranteed that funds will be available to be awarded if applicants wait until the final deadline. Applications will be considered in the order that they are received, until the funds allocated are exhausted.


11. No further funds will be awarded. Any other additional costs will be covered by the awardee (you). The University accepts no responsibility for any costs incurred in relation to the scholarship.


12. Awardees of the GIIDAE International Scholarship cannot also hold a GIIDAE country specific Scholarship.


13. Awardees of the GIIDAE International Scholarship must convert to a firm offer (accept their offer) within three weeks of being offered the Scholarship.


14. In taking up the scholarship you agree to participate in relevant GIIDAE marketing activities.


15. A selection committee will consider applications and award funding at regular intervals leading up to the final eligibility deadline date of 1st July 2020. Successful applicants only will be notified by 24th July 2020. The decision of the Selection Committee is final and not subject to appeal.


Criteria for Award


The panel will base its decision on a range of factors including academic excellence and the degree to which the applicant has demonstrated their suitability for an award. Scholarship offers are normally made as fee reductions. Students may not accept more than one bursary or Scholarship offered by the Graduate Institute. Awardees must check that any other Scholarship that they have been awarded allows for funding from multiple scholarships and/or bursaries.


We will consider you for an award if you are eligible. The application and award period starts November 8th 2019 and ends 1st July 2020, but you should apply as soon as possible as applications will be assessed and awarded to eligible students as they are received.


Hundreds of students are competing for a limited number of awards that are subject to availability. If the funding is all allocated before 1st July 2020, we will post a notice to this effect on our website and through our social media accounts.


If you are a University of Reading Undergraduate, or alumnus who graduated in the last three years, you could be awarded a scholarship in addition to the alumni discount.


For more details refer the Official Publisher


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