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IIEST Shibpur Ph.D. Admissions 2020

IIEST Shibpur Ph.D. Admissions 2020



About the  IIEST

Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur (IIEST, Shibpur) started its journey in 1856 as Calcutta Civil Engineering College and emerged as a premier engineering college in the pre-independence India. It was renamed as Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur in 1920. The College received the status of a Deemed University in 1993 and was subsequently transformed to Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur in 2004. The institute has been upgraded to an Institute of National Importance by the amendment of NITSER Act of the Parliament in 2014 and renamed as Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur. The Institute has fifteen departments of Engineering, Architecture, Science and Humanities & Social Science disciplines. In addition, it has five Schools and two Centres dedicated for imparting education and conducting research in interdisciplinary fields. One of the remarkable strengths of the Institute is the pool of excellent faculty members. State-of-the-art research facilities and other academic resources are helpful to undertake fruitful and relevant research at the Institute. The century-old legacy of the Institute has produced illustrious alumni who made remarkable contributions in different fields across the globe. The current (2020) NIRF ranking of the Institute is 21 in Engineering with overall ranking of 43.

Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mechanics  : –  Mechanical / Civil / Physics / Mathematics / Chemistry / Geology Aerodynamics, Structure, Robotics, Mechatronics, Fluid Power System, CAD/CAM, Automation, Turbulence, Hydromechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Biomechanics, Earthquake Engineering, Soil dynamics, Structural dynamics, Computation Mechanics, Hydraulics, Hydraulic Structure, Structural Engineering, Plasticity, Fracture, Fatigue
Computational modelling, Microfluidics, Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Engineering, CFD, Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Engineering, Solid Mechanics, FEM, Aerodynamics, Flight Mechanics, Green Fuels for propulsion & combustion catalytic combustion, Nonlinear Vibrations/Dynamics and Aeroelasticity, Heat Transfer, and Artificial Intelligence.

Architecture, Town and Regional Planning   : –  Civil Engineering; Computer Science; Mathematics; Mechanical Engineering Architecture and Built‐form; Bamboo as a Design Element; Building Information Modelling; Building Systems; Climate Change and Human Settlements; Computational Fluid Dynamics and Simulation Models in Urban Climate Research; Computer Aided Architecture; Critical Infrastructure Protection; Disaster Mitigation and Risk Reduction; DisasterResilient Architecture; Earthquake Resilient Buildings; Environmental Planning and Management; History and Theory of Architecture; Housing and Human Settlement Planning; Infrastructure Planning; Intelligent Architecture; Rapid Visual Screening; Regional Planning and Development; Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System; Rural Planning and Development; Smart Cities; Thermal Comfort in Urban Environment; Thermal Performance and
Energy Conservation in Buildings; Transportation Planning; Tourism Planning; Urban Conservation; Urban Design; Urban Ecology; Urban Governance; Urban Heat Island Studies; Urban Planning; Vernacular and Rural Architecture.

Chemistry   : –   Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Benign Metal and nonmetal Catalysis, Molecular Recognition and Supramolecular Chemistry, Synthetic Inorganic and Bio-inorganic Chemistry, Homogenous Catalysis, Applied nano-materials and heterogeneous catalysis, Materials Chemistry, Photoelectrochemistry, Experimental Single-molecule and Time-resolved Spectroscopy, and Theoretical& Computational Chemistry

Civil Engineering  : –  Environmental Science/Engineering,Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Ocean/Offshore Engineering, Naval Architecture, Applied Mechanics,Construction Engineering/ Technology, Urban Planning Water Resources Engineering Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Water Resources Engineering

Computer Science and Technology   :-  Computer Science and Engineering/Information Technoloy Data Mining, Machine Learning, Cryptology, Hardware Security, Defect Tolerance in Nanocrossbar Circuits’ Social network/Medical  network using  Machine learning/AI, Intelligent Chip design, and Block Chain Technology, Image Processing, Routing in Internet of Things (IoT), Reconfigurable Cryptographic Processor, Sequence Motif, Cellular Automata theory
and Applications, Computer Architecture, Ad Hoc Network, Network security, Disaster management, IoT

Earth Sciences  : –   Geology, GIS and Remote Sensing, Geography Hydrogeology, Environmental Geology, Sedimentology, Structural Geology and Tectonics,  Metamorphic Petrology and Geochemistry

Electrical Engineering   :-  Electrical/ Electronics/Instrumentation Control Systems and Instrumentation, Power and Energy Systems, Power Electronics, Machines and Drives

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering  : –   Frequency selective surface, Metasurfaces, Planar microwave components and antennas, DSP architectures using CORDIC for real time signal processing, VLSI architecture design for Digital Image  Processing systems, Communication under challenging conditions, Graphene derivative and other 2D material based gas sensor device development, Metamaterials for radar application, Antenna design for biomedical application, Design of  high capacity free space communication channel using angular momentum of light, Routing and resource allocation issues in emerging wireless and optical networks

 Humanities and Social Sciences   : – English, Cultural Studies and Management Postcolonial literature, Cultural studies, Popular literature, Strategic Management.

Human Resource Management  : –  Management HR, Entrepreneurship, IPR

Information Technology  : –   Computer Science and Engineering/Technology, Electronics and Communication Engineering, VLSI Design or Equivalent Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network, Fault Diagnosis using Machine learning, Approximate Computing, Memresistor based Logic and Circuit Design, Emerging Circuits and Systems, Cognitive Radio in IoT, Medical  Image Analysis using AI, Shape Analysis using Digital geometry, Image Analysis using Machine Learning, Cellular Automata, Advanced Wireless Communication Network, Application Specific Intelligent Embedded System Design, Future Generation Computing System, IoT Based Intelligent System Design, Hardware Security, MEDA based Biochip Design and Test, Remote User Authentication, Image Encryption, Information Securities, Machine Learning in Medical Image Segmentation and Diagnosis, Machine Learning (ML) and NoC based systems, NoC: Analysis, Optimization, Verification, Systems, and Applications, Emerging NoC Technologies, Heterogeneous Computing, NoC Security and Cyber Physical Systems, Biomolecular Computation: Drug design and Delivery Mathematics Functional and Applied functional analysis, Quantum information theory, Mathematical Biology, Statistical Modelling, Reliability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, Optimization, Information systems, Entropy optimization, Operations Research, Fuzzy mathematical systems, Fuzzy Optimization, Fuzzy entropy, Nonlinear dynamics, Mathematical Epidemiology, Fluid Dynamics, Mathematical modeling of Neural, Social network, Relativity, Cosmology and Astrophysics, Solid Mechanics, Thermoelasticity, Matrix Theory.

Mechanical Engineering   : –  Production Engineering, Manufacturing Process/Science/Technolo Thermal Engineering, Machine Design, Manufacturing Science: Vibration and Control, Renewable Energy, Information Brochure, Ph.D. Igy, Industrial Engineering, Ceramics Engineering, Power Engineering, Engineering Design, Alternative/Renewable Energy, Robotics/Industrial Robotics Greenhouse Technology, Tribology / Biotribology, Nonlinear Dynamics, Biomechanics, Non-traditional machining, Engineering Ceramics.

Metallurgy and Materials Engineering   : –  Materials / Mechanical /Aerospace /Manufacturing Engineering Structure-properties correlations of various  materials, Cyclic plasticity of multi-phase materials: Modeling and Experiments, Tribological performance of advanced materials, New generation of Steels, Thermo-mechanical simulations different nonferrous alloys, Composite  materials, Advanced joining techniques, Surface engineering, Crystallographic texture Physics/ Chemistry Nano- and Bio-materials, Magnetic, Electrical, and Energy materials Computer Science and Information Technology
Computational Materials Engineering, Machine Leaning in Materials Science, Multiscale Modelling

Mining Engineering   : –  Mining Machinery/ Mineral Processing/ Environmental Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/ Metallurgical Engineering/Civil Engineering/Chemical Engineering/Information Technology/ Electrical Engineering/Electronics Engineering/ Master of Computer Application/Industrial Safety/Materials Science and Technology/Environmenta  l Science/ Applied Geology/Geology/Applied Physiology/Ergonomics/W ork Physiology/Chemistry/ Applied Geophysics/ Petroleum Engg./ /Biotechnology/Microbiology Extraction of metal values from mine Waste/ tailings/ low grade ores, Value added products from mine waste, Design and optimization of Mineral Dressing process/equipment, Metallurgical accounting and mineral processing design, Sustainable Development framework, Low grade Coal washing, Mineral processing, Bulk Material Handling and Transport, IOT application in Mining/Material Handling Plant, Ergonomics, Mining Machinery/ Operation, Mines/Industrial safety, Overburden Dump Slope Stability, Wellbore Stability, Environmental Management of Mine Waste, Clean Coal Technology, Bioreactor for Mineral Recovery, Biomining of Deep Seated Deposit, Design of Compliant tailings disposal facilities, Mine Closure – Ecological Economics Approach, Methodology design for EIA of Mining Projects, Mine Support Design, Underground Coal Extraction Technology, Mine Machine & Simulation

Physics   : –   Condensed Matter Physics, Nuclear Physics, High Theoretical and Experimental studies of Condensed Matter Systems, Theoretical and Experimental Nuclear Physics, Fibre Optics, Quantum Mechanics of  Information Brochure, Ph.D. IIEST, Shibpur Energy Physics, Optics, Plasma Physics
Plasma, Theoretical High Energy Physics and  Cosmology, Application of Plasma to Biomedical Research.


Centre for Healthcare Science and  technology   : –  Aerospace Engineering and Applied, Mechanics, Chemistry, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Information Technology, Metallurgy & Materials Engineering, Mining, Physics Biomaterial, Early cancer diagnosis, Nanomedicine for cancer and Alzheimer’s diseases, Stem cells, Gene Expression analysis using Machine Learning, Occupational Health.

Centre of Excellence in Green Energy and Sensor Systems    : –   Chemistry, Electronics Science and Engineering, Physics, Ceramic Technology, Electrical Engineering Advanced Solar Cells (Si and non-Si ased), Optical/Gas/Biosensors, Semiconductor Devices, Electrical and Electronics Circuits


School of VLSI Technology     : –   Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Applied Electronics and Instrumentation, Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology or Equivalent Fault Diagnosis using Machine learning, Approximate Computing, Memresistor based Logic and Circuit Design, Emerging Devices, Circuits and Systems, Analog Circuit Design and Testing, 3D IC Design and Testing, CAD for VLSI Physical Design, Machine Learning based Fault Diagnosis, CNT/Graphene Based Devices and Interconnects, SIC Based Device  and Circuits, Spin Based devices and Circuits, Approximate Computing for VLSI Circuits, VLSI Circuits for Hardware Security, Device Modeling and 3D Integration, Memristor Based Logic and Circuit design, Quantum Computing Circuits

School of Community Science and Technology   : –   Chemistry Food product development, Utilization of food waste for the production of value added food ingredients, Food waste to energy concept, Application of fermentation technology in food development

 School of Mechatronics and Robotics     : –  Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical Mechatronics, Robotics

Fees and other details for the Ph.D. program

Every Research Scholar shall be required to pay the following fees at the time of joining. All Fees may be
revised as per the decisions of the Institute authority. The candidates will be notified about such revisions
through the Institute website.
Sl. No. Item Amount per
semester (Rs.)#
1. Enrolment Fee (One time and non-refundable) 3,000
2. Research scholar Activity Fee 500
3. Infrastructure Maintenance Fee 2,500
4. Examination Fee (One time and non-refundable) 1,000
5. Tuition Fee 7,500
6. Institute Caution Money (One time and refundable) 3,000
Total 17,500.00#

Important Dates#

Sl. No. Event Date
1 Publication of advertisement in the newspaper  : –   9 th July 2020
2 Online application starts    : –   13th July 2020
3 Last date of submission of online application with payment of application fee :  – 3 rd August 2020 (11:59 pm)

4 Publication of shortlist of candidates to be called for online interview/ counseling in the Institute website    : –   To be notified in the institute’s website
5 Date(s) of online Interview/ counseling   : –   To be notified in the institute’s website
6Publication of final list of selected candidates for Ph.D. admission, July cycle 2020 in the Institute website   : –  To be notified in the institute’s website
7 Date(s) of admission  : –  To be notified in the institute’s website

Please visit the Institute website (www.iiests.ac.in) regularly for any updates about subsequent amendments in the advertisement and results. No correspondence in any form in this regard will be made by the Institute with an individual candidate. The dates given above are tentative. Any changes in the dates will be indicated on the website.




For more details refer the Official Website :   https://www.iiests.ac.in/

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