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INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON Energy Efficiency and Energy Storage Technologies

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON Energy Efficiency and Energy Storage Technologies





Background: An assessment of reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 associated with a 35% renewable energy and efficiency target. Increasing renewable energy deployment, global renewable electricity generation is projected to grow by almost 45% by 2020. Smart cities, Smart grids and increasing need for local flexibility drive demand for micro-grids further increasing the demand for renewable energy. Renewables Power (Wind, PV) integration threatens grid stability. Fast-growing energy storage industry driven by a large increase in demand from renewable energy. As the penetration of renewable energy increases, storage aids the power grid in more. It is expected that $130 Bn Energy Storage Market Deployments until 2030. Recently, energy storage devices have paved new horizons for powering a plethora of devices, ranging from portable electronics to electric vehicles. Improving energy storage will have a dramatic effect on the lives of many people throughout the globe.
The energy storage industry is coming of age rapidly in the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Australia to deploy both standalone and solar-plus-storage solutions; India’s ambitions across manufacturing and electrification for the masses; Europe’s continent-wide shift to clean energy; experiences of working with lithium batteries in Africa, there’s all this and plenty more to come. Hawaii has been a prolific installer of both rooftop solar and latterly batteries for energy storage and one of the US state’s smaller islands looks set to get its first-ever grid-scale solar-plus-storage system. The US has combined 4.88MW of solar PV with a 3MW / 15MWh battery energy storage system. India became home to the world’s first-ever thermal battery plant
It can be envisioned that energy storage technology alone cannot provide effective solutions for meeting global energy needs but a combination of energy storage, harvesting, management, and conversion technologies would be the key to success.
For instance, a futuristic approach involving a coherent development of rechargeable batteries, solar energy and smart grids (grid storage) could offer a promising way forward towards establishing superior energy storage systems.
Evidently, there is a critical need to assess current technologies, identify key challenges and innovate superior processes that could potentially outperform the existing ones in providing effective solutions.




This conference aims to provide a competitive platform to highlight recent advances, potential avenues, challenges and opportunities pertaining to the theme of Energy research.


Research Scholars, Educators, Industry Professionals, Practitioners (Brand Specialists, Head of Marketing, Stakeholders, Innovators, Faculty, PhD Scholars, Government Officials, Technology Experts, UG/PG Students)


I. Renewable Power
Advanced Energy Materials | Thermoelectric processes | Solar Thermal | Solar Photo Voltaic | Biomass and Biofuels

II. Electrochemical Energy Storage
Li-ion batteries | Na-ion batteries | Metal-air batteries | Alternative battery technologies | Energy conversion processes: Catalysis | Supercapacitors

III. Cold Thermal Storage
Air-conditioning | Cold Storage | Chilling Plants

IV. Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection
Thermal systems | Electrical System | Renewable Energy System | Heat Recovery

V. Energy Storage Technologies and Systems
Electric Vehicles | Thermal Systems |Compressed Gas System | Hydrogen & Fuel Cell

VI. Energy Resource Management
Hydro | Coal, Gas and Oil) | Municipal Waste

VII. Smart and Green Buildings
VIII. Smart and Micro-Grids
IX. Carbon Dioxide Capture, Storage and Utilization
X. Strategies for Technology Disseminations
XI. Social, Environmental and Economic Aspects of Energy Storage
XII. New and Emerging Technologies
XIII. Case Studies on Energy Storage
XIV. Energy Policies


Paper Submission : — start 30th April 2020
Acceptance Notification : – Continuous Process
Paper Submission closed : – 15th Aug 2020
Author Registration : – 15th Aug 2020
Conference Date : – 10th-12th Oct 2020


Before 15th Aug 2020 After 15th Aug 2020

Indian Nationals INR 2500 INR 3000

Other Nationals US $400 US $450

Indian Students INR 1500 INR 2000


Dr. Mudit Dixit
Email: dixit.24583@lpu.co.in
Organising Secretary
Dr. Ravindra Jilte
Email: ravindra.20336@lpu.co.in

Mr. Rakesh Kumar
Email: rakesh.16379@lpu.co.in

For more details refer the Official Website :    https://conferences.lpu.in/

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