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JCT International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Smart Systems

JCT International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Smart Systems


Recent years have witnessed the evolution of Artificial Intelligence [AI] techniques like deep learning, machine learning, pattern recognition, Natural language processing [NLP], and computer vision and their revolutionary applications in the emerging smart city and industrial automation applications. In this scenario, AI provides smart and efficient tools for smart energy systems to perform smart electricity generation, emergency response, and delivery. The integration of renewable energy sources into the smart grid is made easier by using Artificial intelligence technologies. Meanwhile, Machine Learning the subset of Artificial intelligence provides some security and privacy assessment tools to the evolving smart energy grids. As Artificial Intelligence [AI] techniques are still remaining in the initial stage to revolutionize the way we generate, transmit and consume the energy in the smart city and industrial infrastructure. It is clearly known that the integration of AI in smart energy models will deliver a wide range of potential research opportunities to the smart energy management community. The main goal of the International Conference on Artificial intelligence and Smart Systems [ICAIS 2021] organized by JCT College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India on 25-27, March 2021 is to propose, share and exchange innovative Artificial Intelligence [AI] solutions to enhance the efficiency, stability, robustness, and security of smart energy systems.


JCT COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY Shri Jagannath Educational Health and Charitable Trust was established by renowned and philanthropic people with an objective of providing education to all especially the down trodden and rural population. Considering the growing demands for technical education in the country the trust has started an engineering college namely JCT College of Engineering and Technology in Pichanur in Coimbatore for the academic year 2009-10. The College is located at Pichanur at the foothills of the Western Ghats in a serene, eco friendly lush green environment. It is well connected by road, rail and air. The Management strives hard to enhance the professional knowledge, skills and attitudes of educators, so that they might in turn improve the learning process of students. The college aims at developing a deep understanding of the human values and social concerns among the engineering graduates.


For student travel grant contact @ Conference Chair two months before the event (IEEE Student members only)


Artificial Intelligence

    • · Capsule Networks

    • · Smart Agent-based Systems

    • · Machine Learning

    • · Fuzzy based Intelligent Systems

    • · Evolutionary Computing

    • · Expert Systems

    • · Human-Computer Interaction Technologies

    • · Cognitive Intelligence

    • · Artificial Immune Systems

    • · Cyber-Physical Systems

    • · Artificial life

    • · Knowledge-based Systems

    • · Artificial Neural Networks

    • · Computational Intelligence

    • · Neuro-Fuzzy Models and Techniques

    • · Intelligent Estimation and Classification Models

    • · Hybrid Intelligence

    • · Internet of Intelligent Things

    • · Quantum Computing

    • · Cyber-Security Models and Techniques

    • · Reinforcement Learning

Smart Systems

    • · Deep Learning based Smart Energy Systems

    • · Innovative Energy Control and Management Techniques

    • · AI in Renewable Energy Systems

    • · Smart Power and Energy Systems

    • · Distributed Energy Systems

    • · Active Power Generation Models

    • · Intelligence Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance Technologies

    • · Smart Process monitoring and Control Strategies

    • · Techniques to Reduce Energy Consumption

    • · Smart Energy Optimization Techniques

    • · Neural Estimation for Energy Consumption

    • · Predictive Control, planning and Scheduling algorithms

    • · Dynamic Control of Energy Systems

    • · Distributed Computing and Control in Energy Systems

    • · Secured and Privacy-preserving analytics for Smart Energy Systems

    · Innovation Quantum Computing Processes in Energy Systems


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Travel grant will be afforded to the selected best (IEEE student members) research works.

Registration Fee:

Category Registration Fee
IEEE Member Non – IEEE Member
Indian Author
(Fee for 6 pages)
INR 6500 INR 7500
Foreign Author
(Fee for 6 pages)
120 USD 150 USD

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Maximum number of pages: 8

Registration Fee Includes the following:

Participation in the technical program,
Coffee/Tea Breaks,
DVD Proceedings,
Conference Kit – Bag, Notepad, Pen etc. (1 conference kit per registration)

Important Dates

Paper Submission Due: 07 January, 2021
Paper Acceptance Notification: 06 February, 2021
Last date of registration: 01 March, 2021
Conference Date: 25-27, March 2021


JCT College of Engineering and Technology

Pichanur Road, Off NH 47,
Pichanur, Coimbatore,
Tamil Nadu, India – 641105

For more details refer the Official Website :     http://icaise.in/

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