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NIT Rourkela Ph.D. Admissions 2020

NIT Rourkela Ph.D. Admissions 2020

Applications are invited online from eligible candidates for admission to Ph.D. Program of the Institute in Autumn Semester 2020-21. Admissions will be given preferably to the applicants who are eligible for Institute fellowship or have qualified for external fellowships. However, admission may also be considered without fellowship. Students with external fellowship like JRF-NET are especially encouraged to apply.

Name of Department

1  Biotechnology and Medical Engineering BM Medical Electronics & Instrumentation, Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering, Cell & Molecular Engineering, Biomechanics & Biotransport Engineering

2 Civil Engineering CE Geotechnical Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineering
3 Chemical Engineering CH All the conventional areas under Chemical Engineering, Energy & Environmental Engineering, Biotechnology & Biochemical Engineering, Nano Science & Technology, Smart Materials and Sensing, Mathematical Applications and Analysis in Engineering, Data Based Process Design and Analysis (Analytics)
4 Ceramic Engineering CR Electro-Ceramics, Structural Ceramics, Industrial Ceramics, Nano-Bio Ceramics
5 Computer Science & Engineering CS All specializations of Computer Science & Engineering

6 Chemistry CY  Inorganic, Organic, Physical, Materials, BioInorganic, Organometallic, Biophysical Chemistry, Nano Science, Environmental, Computational, Theoretical Chemistry, Solid State, Biochemistry
7 Electronics &  Communication Engineering EC RF & Microwaves, VLSI, Low Power, CMOS Circuit, Embedded Systems, IoT, Signal & Image Processing, Computer Vision, Wireless & DSP, Instrumentation

8 Electrical Engineering EE c Power & Energy, Communications, Digital Signal Processing, Computer & IT, Electronics & Control, Energy Policies, Energy Storage & Conversion.
9 Earth and Atmospheric Science ER Geology, Applied Geology, Geophysics, Atmospheric Sciences, Ocean Sciences

10 Food Process Engineering (FP) Transport Process and Kinetics, Food Quality & Safety, Post-Harvest Operations, Food Packaging and Storage Engineering, Product Development and Ingredients Innovation, Food byproduct valorization and bioprocessing.
11 Humanities & Social Sciences HS Economics, English (JRF only), Sociology/Anthropology, Psychology, Sanskrit.
12 Industrial Design ID Product Design, Ergonomics Design, Manufacturing, Vibration, Noise Control, Meta-material, Acoustics, CAD, Human Simulation, Bio-Mechanics, Occupational Health & Safety, Human Factors, Geometric
13 Life Science LS All areas of Biological Science
14 Mathematics MA Numerical Analysis, Algebra, Number Theory, Fluid Dynamics, Differential Equation, Stochastic Process, Functional Analysis, Fractal Theory, Probability & Statistics, Fractional Calculus, Algebraic Graph Theory, Computational Finance, Soft Computing, Integral Equations, Mathematical Physics
15 Mechanical Engineering ME Mechanical, Machine Design, Production/ Thermal, Cryogenic, Mechatronics, Robotics, Mechanical Vibrations, Automobile, Manufacturing, Industrial Management, Aerospace, Aeronautical Engineering, Composites, Tribology, Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer
16 Metallurgical & Materials Engineering MM Mechanical Metallurgy, Process Metallurgy, Nano-materials
17 Mining Engineering MN All specialization of Mining Engineering
18 Planning and Architecture PA Urban Studies, Urban Planning, City Planning, Housing, Globalization and Cities, Global Cities, Social Infrastructure, Vernacular Architecture, Age Friendly Cities
19 Physics and Astronomy PH Stellar Astrophysics, Soft Matter Physics (Theory), Nuclear Astrophysics, Astrophysics, Polymer Composites
20 School of Management SM HR, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Business Analytics, General Management

B. Eligibility Criteria for Ph.D. Program
The minimum qualification required for admission to Ph.D. programs in Engineering, Science, Planning & Architecture, Management and Humanities & Social Sciences is one of the following: a) M.E./M.Tech./M.Pharm./M.Arch./M.Des. in relevant discipline with at least 6.5 CGPA or 60 percent marks or 1st class in both B.Tech. (M.Sc./B.Pharm./MCA or equivalent) and M.Tech.  levels from a recognized Technical Institute or University. b) B.E./B.Tech./B.Pharm./MCA/B.Arch. or equivalent in relevant discipline with CGPA of 7.0 or 65 percent marks. c) M.Sc. in Basic Sciences with CGPA 7.0 or 65 percent marks in relevant disciplines. For applicants with valid GATE/NET/GPAT score, requirement may be relaxed by maximum 0.5 CGPA or 5% marks. d) M.B.B.S. / B.V.Sc. with CGPA 6.5 or 60 percent marks or 1st class. Further, candidates having the following qualification can also apply for  Ph.D. in Management and Humanities & Social Sciences:
e) M.A. / MBA / M.Com. / M.Sc. in Humanities and Social  Sciences or Management with 6.5 CGPA or 60 percent marks or 1st class. In addition to the above eligibility criteria (based on B.Tech., B.Arch., M.Sc., MBA, MA, M. Com.,
M.Tech., M.Arch., M. Des. and M. Pharm., etc. examinations), the following additional criteria will also be applicable:
a) A candidate should score minimum 60% marks or 6.5/10 CGPA or 1st class throughout career to be eligible for admission to Ph.D. program. The DRC, however, may make one exception (marks <60% or Grade < 6.5/10) at its discretion from among the results of 10th, +2, BA, B.Sc., Diploma etc. (except qualifying degree) if the candidate has qualified GATE/NET/GPAT or other national level fellowship tests like DST-INSPIRE, RGNF etc. b) For admission to Engineering and Science disciplines (except Life Science), a candidate should have passed Mathematics in +2 Science or Diploma. c) Science students admitted to Ph.D. program in Engineering need Mathematics in +3 level. Students without Mathematics in +3 level may be admitted under the condition that they will have to register for 16 credits of 100 and 200 level Mathematics and 100 level Computer Science courses (Theory and Practical) in addition to their normal course requirement, and secure at least C grade in each course. d) A student should have passed Life Science or Biological Science either in +2 or +3 level for admission to Ph.D. in Life Science department. e) Students without adequate background in the primary discipline will be required to have 10% extra marks (1.0 CGPA) to qualify over students with specialization in a primary discipline, unless explicitly exempted by the Senate. List of primary disciplines for specializations under the various departments is given in Clause “D” below. However, a higher short listing criteria (possibly different for different departments) may be set by the Department during scrutiny of applications depending on the departmental requirement, number and quality of applicants. Therefore, merely satisfying the minimum eligibility criteria does not guarantee a candidate to be called for interview and mere attending an interview does not guarantee admission.

C. Applicants Awaiting Results

a) For thesis based Postgraduate degrees [(M.Tech. (Research), MS or equivalent], a student is permitted to submit the final result within one year from the date of thesis submission.  However, one documentary evidence (proof of thesis submission) from the candidate’s Institute/University is required to be submitted at the time of admission. b) For all course based degrees [B.Tech., B.Arch., M.Sc., MBA, M.Tech. (Regular), M.Arch., etc.] results need to have been published before admission is granted. In exceptional cases when a university will not be in a position to publish result by the time of admission, submission of qualifying degree result may be permitted till 30th September, 2020 but not beyond.

D. Qualifying Degrees and Primary Disciplines for Admission

Different academic eligibility across the departments have been made considering the departmental requirement, availability of candidates in the respective departments and uniform growth of all departments in the Institute.
Onus of proving a Degree / Specialisation / Discipline as equivalent with any of the above mentioned Degree / Specialisation / Discipline shall lie with the applicant claiming equivalency. However, decision of the Institute shall be final and binding in this matter.

Department Academic Eligibility / Primary Disciplines

Biotechnology and Medical Engineering (BM)

A Master’s degree in Engineering (any branch) / Medicine / Dental / Pharmacy / Veterinary OR a bachelor’s degree in Engineering (any branch) / Medicine / Dental / Pharmacy / Veterinary with valid GATE / NET / BET / GPAT score OR a M.Sc. degree in Biotechnology / Life Sciences / Physics / Chemistry / Allied Sciences with 1st class in UG and PG degree with a valid GATE / NET / BET / GPAT score or any National level eligibility test.

Civil Engineering (CE)

M.Tech. in Civil/Mining/Mechanical/Agricultural/ Chemical Engineering OR B.Tech (with valid GATE/Any National Level fellowship) in the above disciplines.

 Chemical Engineering (CH)

 B.E./B.Tech (with GATE / Any National Level  fellowship) or M.Tech. in Chemical / Mechanical / Metallurgy / Materials Science, Biotechnology, Biochemical / Petroleum and Petrochemical, Cryogenics, Electronics & Communication, Environmental Engineering and Technology.

Ceramic Engineering (CR) 

B.Tech (with GATE / Any National Level fellowship) / M.Tech in Ceramic / Metallurgical & Materials / Chemical / Mechanical Engg. / Biomedical Engg / Nanotechnology / Biotechnology OR M.Sc. (with GATE/ Any National Level fellowship) in Physics / Chemistry / Materials Science / Nano Science.

 Computer Science & Engineering (CS) 

B.Tech. (with GATE / Any National Level fellowship) / M.Tech in  Computer Science & Engineering / Information Technology OR MCA OR M.Sc. (with GATE /Any National Level fellowship) in Computer Science / Information Technology.

Chemistry (CY) 

M.Sc. in Chemistry / Physics / Biochemistry / Biotechnology / Nanoscience  & Nanotechnology / Bioinformatics / Industrial Chemistry / Applied Chemistry / Environmental Chemistry / Food Science & Technology / Nutrition OR M.Pharm. OR B.Tech / M.Tech in Chemical / Ceramic / Metallurgical and Materials Engineering / Biotechnology.

Electronics & Communication Engineering (EC) 

B.Tech. (with GATE / Any National Level fellowship) / M.Tech in Electronics / Electrical / Electronics & Communication / Electronics & Telecommunication / Electronics & Instrumentation / Applied Electronics & Instrumentation / Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

 Electrical Engineering (EE)

 B.E./B.Tech. (with GATE / Any National Level fellowship) / M.Tech / M.E. in Electrical / Electronics / Electrical & Electronics / Electronics & Communication / Instrumentation Engineering / Instrumentation Control, Control & Automation / Signal Processing

Earth & Atmospheric Science ( ER )

 M.Sc / M.Tech in Geology / Applied Geology / Geophysics / Environmental Science / Remote Sensing / Chemistry / Physics / Atomspheric Science / Meterology / Ocenography / Mathematics OR related disciplines in Science OR B.Tech / M.Tech in Civil / Mining / Electronics and Computer Science Engineering.

 Food Process Engineering (FP)

 B. Tech with M.Tech in Food Processing Engineering / Food Technology / Agricultural Process Engineering / Post Harvest Engineering / Agricultural Engineering or any other relevant branch of Engineering/Technology.

Humanities and Social Sciences (HS)

 M.Sc. / MA in relevant subjects OR B.Tech / M.Tech in any branch of Engineering OR MBA. Candidates with UGC NET/JRF qualification will be preferred. Industrial Design (ID) B.Des./BE/B.Tech with M.Des/ME/M.Tech in any discipline.

Life Sciences (LS) 

M.Sc. in Life Sciences / Botany / Zoology /  Microbiology / Biotechnology / Biochemistry / Bioinformatics / MBBS / BVSc./ Bio-Physics / Food Science & Technology, B.Tech / Integrated M.Tech / M.Tech in Biotechnology or any branch of biological sciences, B.Pharm./M.Pharm., MS in any branch of biological sciences.

Mathematics (MA) 

M.Sc. in Mathematics / Statistics / Computer Science / Information Technology / MCA and First class Honours or equivalent in B.Sc. with Mathematics / Statistics as Honours subject. OR B.Tech / M.Tech in any branch of Engineering or equivalent.

Mechanical Engineering (ME)

 B.Tech (with GATE / Any National Level fellowship)/M.Tech in Mechanical / Machine Design / Thermal / Cryogenic / Mechatronics / Robotics / Mechanical Vibrations / Automobile / Production / Manufacturing / Industrial Management / Aerospace/ Aeronautical Engineering / Composites / Tribology / Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer.

Metallurgical & Materials Engineering (MM) 

B.Tech/M.Tech in Metallurgy / Met. & Mat. / Ceramic / Chemical / Mechanical / Production / Manufacturing Engineering OR M.Sc. in Physics/ Chemistry /Materials Science.

Mining Engineering (MN) 

B.Tech/M.Tech in Mining / Civil / Environmental / Chemical / Electronics / Electrical / Instrumentation / Computer Science / IT / Mechanical / Metallurgical & Materials Engineering OR M.Sc. in Geology / Geo-Physics / Environmental Science / Remote Sensing / Mathematics / Statistics / Chemistry / Physics.

Planning & Architecture (PA)

 B.Arch. with M.Arch. / MCP / MURP / MUP / MTRP / M.Tech. or equivalent (with GATE / Any National Level fellowship).

Physics and Astronomy (PH) 

M.Sc. in any branch of Science with Mathematics and Physics at B.Sc. level OR B.Tech. in any branch of Engineering.

School of Management (SM) 

Master degree in Technology, Business Administration, Arts, Science, Commerce, Pharmacy OR Bachelor degree in Technology in any discipline.

1. Where regular mode of education is available for any Degree/Qualification then Degree/Qualification obtained through any modes other than regular mode, i.e. Distance Learning, Correspondence Course, etc. will NOT be considered  for the purpose of admission to Ph.D. program of the Institute.
2. For selection of Research scholars in engineering disciplines, students with B.Tech. degree will be given preference over students with M.Sc. degree, even if the latter may have an M.Tech. Degree.
3. Students with any other relevant background may be eligible, but only with approval of the Senate or Chairman, Senate on the recommendation of the Departmental Research Committee (DRC).
4. There is no relaxation in academic requirement for SC/ST/OBC/PH/PWD students, because  the minimum academic requirements have been set to meet the basic challenges of the academic program. Also, the academic eligibility shall be same across all studentship categories (Institute fellowship, External fellowship, Project fellowship, Sponsored, etc.).

5. Rule for conversion from CGPA to percentage or vice-versa, if prescribed by Degree Issuing Institute/University will be accepted. However, if no such rule is prescribed by Degree Issuing Institute/University, conversion will not be allowed.
6. Students of one discipline may seek admission in a related department which will be considered on the basis of merit of the individual case(s).

7. Selection will be made on the basis of academic record, relevance of qualification, candidate’s research interest, existing research programs and facilities of the departments, and performance of the candidate in tests and/or interviews. Therefore, merely attending a tests and/or an interview does not guarantee admission.
8. Scrutiny Criteria may be different for different category of students.
9. 03 (Three) students are likely to be selected ( if found suitable ) under collaborative research between Higher Educational Institutions and DRDO in Defence & National Security related Dual-use Technologies vide MHRD O.M. no. 8-17 /2019-TEL dated 19/03/2020.
F. Financial Support
Institute Fellowships are available to the Ph.D. students of all the departments. Prevailing rate of fellowship is given in the following table, which is likely to be revised upward: Program Eligibility Duration Rate of Fellowship
Ph.D. M.Tech. / M. Pharm. / M.Arch. / M. Des. / MD / MS / MDS / M. V. Sc. (or) B.Tech. / B.Arch. / B. Des. / B. Pharm. / MBBS / B. V. Sc. / BDS / M.Sc. / MA / M.Com / MBA / MCA with a valid GATE/NET/GPAT score 1
st & 2nd year Rs. 31,000/- p.m. 3 rd, 4th & 5th year* Rs. 35,000/-* p.m. * Subject to clearing the Progress Seminar to be conducted by the department. Payment of Institute fellowship is effective from date of enrollment or starting date of biometric attendance whichever is later, and will be paid only after submission of all required documents by the scholars with arrears, if any. Financial support is initially for a period of one year and will be renewed on year to year  basis on satisfactory performance/progress. However, fellowship will not be awarded to candidates above 32 years of age for Ph.D. (35 years for SC/ST and women candidates) on the date of admission. This restriction shall not apply to fellowships awarded by external agencies or sponsored projects. Individual External Fellowships Candidates with individual external fellowships (CSIR-NET/UGC-NET/DSTINSPIRE/RGNF/ICSSR/Women Scientist, etc.) are  especially encouraged to apply. The selection process will be same as that for other candidates. The rate and mode of payment of fellowship to such students will be governed as per the rules of the Sponsor / Funding Agency.
Important Note
If a student with Institute fellowship or project fellowship leaves the Institute in the mid-session on his own accord without completing the program, the entire amount paid to him/her towards fellowship need to be returned by the student before leaving the Institute. S/he will not receive any certificate from the Institute unless s/he refunds the fellowship received in full. Students with project fellowship may not be required to refund only if sponsor’s rule permit  him leaving the project without refunding fellowship. Students receiving external fellowships will be governed as per the rules of the Sponsoring / Funding Agency. All students, with or without fellowship or receiving any other financial support are required to assist faculty members of their department in teaching and research activity. They may be required to take theory, tutorial and laboratory classes, assist in student projects or other R & D activities as assigned by the HOD/Coordinator.G. Fee Structure Fees to be paid at the time of admission to Ph.D. Program is as follows: # Fee Particulars Amount (in Rs.) 1. Admission fee (One time) 2,500/- 2. Tuition fee 7,500/- [ Nil for SC/ST students]
3. Other fees (Exam., Library, Electricity etc.) 3,000/- 3. Student activity fee 2,000/- 5. Hostel Seat Rent 5,000/-
6. Medical fee 2,000/- 7. Caution Money (One time) (Refundable if program is completed) 10,000/- 8. Hall Establishment fee 5,000/- 9. Mess Advance 19,500/- TOTAL 56,500/- (49,000/- for SC/ST students) Notes:
1. The above fee is only for the 1st semester. For remaining semesters the approximate fee will be Rs.44,000/- per semester (Rs.36,500 /- for SC/ST students) which is inclusive of Mess dues. However, the Institute reserves the right to amend the fee structure from time to time, which  will be implemented with immediate effect for all students irrespective of the date of admission. 2. Fee will be paid by the selected students online in the Institute payment portal details of which will be notified along with selection result. In case of exigencies, fee may be paid through  Debit/Credit Card or demand draft drawn in favour of “Director, NIT, Rourkela” and payable at any bank in Rourkela which will be collected on-spot during admission.

Refund of Fee

If a student is removed or withdraws/leaves himself/herself from the Institute after admission without completing the entire program, all fees paid including the caution money deposit will be forfeited by the institute. Mess advance may be refunded after deduction of dues, if any. This clause is applicable even before formal registration to the 1st semester and starting of classes. H. Sponsored / Local Sponsored Candidates The Institute welcomes candidates from reputed academic institutes, industry, R & D Institutions, and from Government organizations. a) A sponsored candidate is expected to work full time in the Institute till completion of his/her program, or at least 3 years (2 years for M.Tech (Res)) from beginning in the Institute. However, in deserving cases, if facilities exist at his/her place of employment and his/her job assignment matches with the research problem, s/he may be permitted to work at the  place of employment after satisfying minimum residential requirement (normally 6 months to a year). b) Local sponsored candidates (working in and around Rourkela having permanently nontransferable jobs) must have enough time  and flexibility in their job assignment in order to continue the program applied for. Their working hours to be suitably adjusted in the sponsoring organization so that he/she can work on his/her studies at NIT Rourkela for at least 120 days and 500 hours per semester [25 days and 75 hours in case the scholar has a Co-Supervisor in his/her work place, his research work is related to his work in the job place and availability  of adequate research facility in the work place].c) Sponsored candidates must have completed at least two years of continuous service in the sponsoring organization, which must be an institution of repute employing good number of engineering/science professionals. The completion of two years continuous service shall be counted as on 30th June, 2020. d) Sponsored students are expected to serve their sponsoring organization on completion of their degree in NIT, for at least 3 years after completion of the academic program. Sponsored candidates may apply for Ph.D. program of any discipline. I. Application Fee and Procedure Interested candidates satisfying the eligibility criteria may submit their online application at
http://eapplication.nitrkl.ac.in. a) Read this advertisement and the instructions to fill up the online application form given in the online portal carefully, b) Fill up and submit the online application form accordingly, and
c) Prepare Demand Draft / Banker’s Cheque drawn in favor of “Director, NIT Rourkela” and payable in any bank in Rourkela for application fee of Rs.500/-. Payment through the online  application portal is not available currently. Please fill up details of DD in the application form while submitting. d) Take print-out of the online application form and send the same along-with the DD/BC by Regd./Speed Post [not by hand or courier] to the following address. Write “your
name and Application ID” on the backside of the DD/BC and “Application for Ph.D” on the envelope for proper identification. Address – Asst. Registrar [Academic – PG & Res] National Institute of Technology Rourkela – 769 008 [Odisha] e) Sponsored candidates are required to submit the scanned copy of the sponsorship certificate while submitting online application. Applicants are NOT required to send any other document except print out of the application  form and DD/BC (original). However, candidates who will be called for interview will be required to submit signed copy of the application form, a set of photo copies of all certificates and original sponsorship certificate (for sponsored candidates only) at the time of interview. They also need to produce original certificates from HSC onwards for verification. The signed copy of application form along with a set of photo copies of all certificates will be forwarded to the Academic Office by the department for record. J. Tentative Schedule Sl. No. Event

Tentative Date

1 Application form will be available in the Institute website for online submission 02.07.2020 (Thursday) to 21.07.2020 (Tuesday)

2 Receipt of Print-out and DD/BC by post 24.07.2020 (Friday)

3 Publication of result of scrutiny in the website (announcement section) 28.07.2020 (Tuesday)

4 Test and/ Interview (Venue – NIT, Rourkela)  07.08.2020 (Friday)

5 Publication of result of Interview in the website 12.08.2020 (Wednesday)
6 Admission 13.08.2020 (Thursday)*
7 Semester Registration 14.08.2020 (Friday)
8 Starting of Class / Research work 17.08.2020 (Monday)
* Hostel will be allotted on the day of admission and students are required to stay in the campus to complete the mandatory pre-requisites [Enrollment, Provisional Registration, Bio-Metric Registration] for Semester Registration.
Applicants are required to visit the “Announcement” section in the “Home Page” of the Institute website (www.nitrkl.ac.in) regularly for further updates. K. Accommodation The Institute has two Guest Houses (South Block and North Block) with AC rooms. Accommodation on twin-sharing basis may be provided on payment basis subject to availability of rooms. Interested applicants may contact in the following details for advance booking.
Contact Person: Mr. M. K. Das, Manager [Guest House] Telephone: 0661-2464000, 2464040 Besides, a number of budget and luxury hotels are also available near the Railway Station some of which also offer online reservation facility.
L. How to reach the Institute Rourkela is located in the Howrah-Mumbai main Train route. Train connections are also available from Bhubaneswar and Ranchi. Night AC/Non-AC bus services are available from all major cities
of Odisha (Bhubaneswar/Berhampur/Balasore, etc.). The Institute is located around 8 km away from the Railway Station and 2 km away from Sector-3 Bus Stop. Usual rate of auto fare at present is Rs.140/- and Rs. 80/-, respectively. App based taxi services are also available from the Railway Station to the campus.

For any queries mail to:- acad.res@nitrkl.ac

For more details refer the Official Website :       https://nitrkl.ac.in/

Information Document 

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