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Scope and Challenges in India by CCS University

E-Conference on Digital Education: Scope and Challenges in India by CCS University, Meerut

International Conference on Digital Education: Scope and Challenges in India June 27 & 28, 2020

Presentation Types: Invited talks, Oral talks and Posters.

Presentation Types: Invited talks, Oral talks and Posters.Themes


• Present status, scope and challenges

• Digital education resources

• Status in Developed Countries – Case studies

• Impact on national economy

• An alternative or supplement

Organizing Committee


Chief Patron : Prof. N.K. Taneja, Vice Chancellor, CCS University, Meerut Chair Person : Prof. Y. Vimla, Pro Vice Chancellor, CCS University, Meerut

Convener : Prof. Pradeep Kumar Sharma, CCS University, Meerut

Convener, Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal, Meerut-Prant

Co-Conveners : Dr. Pradeep Sharma

Co-Convener, Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal, Meerut-Prant : Er. Santosh Prasad, and Mrs. Swati Sharma, Asstt. Professors, CCS University, Meerut Co-Conveners, Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal, Meerut-Prant

I : https: //forms.gle/PBmvWsmtBTaEBzdWA

Closing date : June 25, 2020

Conference Activities


1. Invited talks: By the reputed experts invited by the Conference Organizers.

2. Oral presentations: By the selected candidates who will submit full research paper (with title of the paper, name of author/s with address, abstract, introduction, methodology, results and discussion, and references) latest by the closing date.

3. Poster presentations: Poster presentation is allowed only to those who will submit the abstract (word limit: maximum 300 words) based on research/experimental work latest by the closing date. The students, teachers, scientists of both govt. and pvt. institutions/colleges/universities are allowed for poster presentation. Digital poster dimensions: A-4 size page in portrait.

Font type for full paper and abstract: “Times New Roman”, font size: 12.

Closing date: Full papers/abstract can be sent at : amitccsu.net@gmail.com, with a copy to

pks264@rediffmail.com latest by 25 June, 2020.


4. Certificates distribution: Digital Certificate with digital signs shall be issued to the participants for attendance, oral presentation and poster presentation, as the case may be. Advisory Board

1. Prof. Manoj Dixit, Vice Chancellor, RMLA Univ., Ayodhya (Vice President, BSM)

2. Dr. Angad Singh, Kanpur, Vice President, Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal (BSM)

3. Prof. Anil Shukla, Vice Chancellor, MJP University, Bareilly (BSM)

4. Prof. Roop Narayan, Deptt. of Botany, CCS University, Meerut

5. Prof. Shivraj, Deptt. of Mathematics, CCS University, Meerut

6. Prof. Lokesh Gangwar, SVBP Agriculture University, Modipuram (BSM-MP)

7. Dr. Amit Dashora, New Delhi (National Co-Incharge, Academic Cell, BSM)

8. Shri Amit Rawat, Agra (National Co-Incharge, Youth Wing, BSM)


Technical Committee


1. Dr. Sanjeev Tyagi, Assoc. Prof. of Physics, CSSS (PG) College, Machhra (BSM-MP)

2. Dr. Deepak Sisodia, Assoc. Prof. of C.S., SVBP Agric. Univ., Modipuram (BSM-MP)

3. Dr. Nitin Tyagi, Asstt. Prof. of Plant Pathology, CSSS (PG) College, Machhra (BSM-MP)

4. Dr. Juhie Agrawal, Asstt. Prof. of Zoology, Vardhman (PG) College, Bijnor (BSM-MP)

5. Er. Santosh P. Singh, Asstt. Prof. of E.I., CCS University, Meerut (BSM-MP)

6. Er. Amit Sharma, Asstt. Prof. of C.S., CCS University, Meerut (BSM-MP)

7. Er. Gaurav Tyagi, Asstt. Prof. of C.S., CCS University, Meerut (BSM-MP)

8. Dr. Subodh K. Sharma, Asstt. Prof. of Physics, SSV (PG) College, Hapur (BSM-MP)

9. Dr. Pankaj Sharma, Asstt. Prof. of History, NAS (PG) College, Meerut (BSM-MP)


Contact :


Dr. Nitin Tyagi, BSM, Meerut-Prant

e-mail : nitintyagi48@rediffmail.com

mobile : 09456262491

Er. Amit Sharma, BSM, Meerut-Prant

e-mail : amitccsu.net@gmail.com mobile : 09760376077


For more details refer the Official Website :   https://www.ccsuniversity.ac.in/

Information Document 


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