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The Society of Operations Management by XLRI

 Annual Conference of The Society of Operations Management by XLRI, Jamshedpur

About The Conference

Conference theme: Operations Management during Pandemics: Lessons from COVID 19

A pandemic is a global outbreak of any infectious disease, thus posing a threat to the lives of people worldwide. Its impact is not only restricted to the life threats it possesses but also spans across businesses through disrupting the supply chains. One of the principal causes attributing to the disruption is the absenteeism of people from their workplaces due to the fear of getting contracted with the diseases. Absenteeism leads to a lack of production and, thereby, distribution, which eventually unsettles the supply chains globally.

However, organizations need to overcome these challenges by finding alternative avenues or contingency plans to put things back on track. Though the pandemics create adverse effects on some supply chains primarily through the unprecedented supply shocks, it can also create a surge in demand in some others. For instance, the pandemic COVID 19 has resulted in a surge in demand for products like hand sanitizers, hand wash, face masks, PPE kits, etc. The firms need to add additional capacity and try using whatever labour resources available at their disposal to meet such demand in the most efficient way. The current edition of the Society of Operations Management Conference aims to bring in the various challenges being faced by supply chains globally due to the outbreak of COVID 19 and the different measures being taken by the governments and organizations to streamline the supply chains under these extraordinary circumstances.

Call for Papers

The SOM 2020 conference welcomes submissions in the form of research papers, articles and case studies from the academicians, practitioners and policy makers. All the submissions must be original and not concurrently submitted to any other journal or conference. For making an oral presentation the authors need to submit an abstract of not exceeding 250 words. The abstracts must be consisting of the affiliation of all the authors including the contact details of the author who will be presenting the same. The abstracts will be peer reviewed by a committee of experts before acceptance. The topics for submissions (but not limited to) for the conference include the following.

  • Inventory Management
  • Demand Planning and Forecasting Techniques
  • Mathematical Programming and Optimization Techniques
  • Capacity and Production Planning
  • Logistics Management
  • Applications of Game Theory
  • Job Sequencing and Scheduling
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Transportation and Network Models
  • Quality Control and Management
  • Project Management
  • Operations Strategy
  • Product Design and Product Life Cycle Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning and other Advanced Planning and Scheduling Systems
  • Reliability and Maintenance
  • Service Operations Management
  • Lean Operations Management
  • Stochastic Modelling
  • System Dynamics and Simulation
  • Applications of Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control Theory
  • Empirical Research in Operations Management
  • Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management
  • Healthcare Operations
  • Applications of Queueing Theory in Operations Management
  • Humanitarian Logistics
  • Reverse Logistics and Closed Loop Supply Chain
  • Sustainable Operations and Green Supply Chain Management
  • Behavioural Operations Management
  • Marketing Interface with Operations Management
  • Finance Interface with Operations Management
  • Supply Chain Management in the Digital Era
  • Emerging Issues in OM

Submission Process

Submissions will be taken through EasyChair.

Guidelines for Paper Submission:

  • Maximum Page Length: 5 Pages Maximum. Tables, Graphs, Figures, and References all count toward the 5-page maximum page limit
  • Document Must Include: Title (250 Character Maximum), Author name and affiliation, and Abstract.
  • In the abstract author(s) should clearly mention the Problem definition, Academic/practical relevance, Methodology, Results, and Managerial implications.
  • Author Name and Affiliation: After the title, name of author, author’s affiliation and institutional address with pin code and email id should be mentioned. In case there are two or more authors, then corresponding author’s name and address details must be clearly specified.
  • Font Style : Times New Roman
  • Font Size :11-Point Font
  • Spacing : Double-spaced
  • Margins : 1-inch (2.5cm) margin all around
  • Document Type : Adobe PDF, word

Important Dates

Start of Abstract Submission: 15th July, 2020
End of Abstract Submission: 30th September, 2020
Notification of Abstract Acceptance: 15th October, 2020
Start of Early Registration: 16th October, 2020
End of Early Registration: 10th November, 2020
Start of Late Registration: 11th November, 2020
End of Late Registration: 25th November, 2020
SOM Conference: 14th -16th December, 2020


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Prof. Kalyan Bashkar
Prof. Abdul Quadir
Prof. Ajith Kumar J

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