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VNIT Nagpur Ph.D. Admissions 2020

VNIT Nagpur Ph.D. Admissions 2020


These rules and regulations shall govern all Ph.D. programs in VNIT, Nagpur. These rules and regulations supersede all previous relevant rules and regulations. As a result of the sound research base and extensive infrastructural facilities available, the Institute offers Ph.D. programme in a wide range of areas in Engineering, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences. The broad objective of the Ph.D. programme is not only to keep pace with the expanding frontiers of knowledge but also to provide research training relevant to the present social and economic objectives of the country. The Institute also encourages research in interdisciplinary areas through a system of joint supervision and interdepartmental group activities. The presence of a strong research oriented faculty provides excellent opportunities for such program

1. Ph.D. (Full Time) program offered by the Institute

Cat. For Departments

1. Non-sponsored candidates with Teaching


Engineering : Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Communication, Computer Science,
Chemical, Metallurgical & Materials, Mining , Applied Mechanics, VLSI & Nanotechnology
2. VNIT’s M.Tech. Students with Teaching Assistantship
3. SRF / JRF / research staff of R&D projects sponsored to VNIT
4. Sponsored candidates (place of research work VNIT only) Architecture and Planning Applied Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Social Science and Humanities
5. Sponsored Candidate from 100% centrally funded research laboratories including public sector and private industries
Note- Number of seats per department may change depending on the availability of Ph.D. vacancies under the Supervisors & suitability of the candidates.

2. Eligibility criteria

2.1 Essential qualification requirement for all Cat. 1 to Cat. 5
Sr.No. Departments Qualifying Degree Qualifying
1 Engineering Post Graduate degree in Engineering/ Technology (M.E./M.Tech. or equivalent) GATE qualified
2 Architecture and Planning Post Graduate Degree in Architecture and Planning (ME, M. Tech. M. Arch, M. Plan. or equivalent) GATE/ NET qualified
3 Applied Sciences Post Graduate Degree (M. Sc./M.A. or equivalent) in Basic Science/Humanities NET / GATE qualified

2.2 Cat. 2: Guidelines for Admission of VNIT’s M.Tech. Students for Ph.D. Program1. Student should have a minimum First Class at B.E./B.Tech. degree.
2. At the time of M.Tech admission, it will be notified that maximum five students of M.Tech. will get opportunity for Ph.D. registration. This selection will be based on performance in the first two semesters (CGPA 8.5 and above) and student will have to give a presentation before a Departmental Committee. The selected candidate for this programme has to complete all the requirements according to the rules and regulations of the Institute’s M.Tech. Programme.

3. Candidate recommended by Departmental Committee will be directly registered for Ph.D. after completing M.Tech. programme.
4. The time lines and key milestones of this programme are aligned with the M.Tech and Ph.D. programmes currently offered.
5. The interested candidates should apply by filling up the direct Ph.D admission form at the end of 2nd Semester indicating their interest to be considered for this programme.
6. One audit course, Research Methodology and two additional courses (6 credits in addition to Research Methodology) as per the recommendation of RPC shall be
completed by the candidate as a part of Ph.D. course work.

7. Other rules and regulations will be applicable as per Ph.D. norms of Institute.

2.3 Cat. 3: Candidates working as JRF/SRF in various funded research projects in VNIT are eligible for admission to Ph.D. program with following conditions.

1. Selection through the admission process

2. Their Ph. D. registration will be under the supervision of same PI/Co-PI.
2.4 Cat. 5: The candidates desirous of seeking admissions for Ph.D. program under this category should meet the following requirements:
1. He /She should have minimum Five years’ experience in Industry.
2. He/she should appear for written test & interview as per Institute’s norms.
3. VNIT committee shall examine the research facilities in research laboratory in which the candidate is employed where the candidate wishes to carry out part of his Ph.D. research. In case the committee report is favorable and suitable co-supervision (as certified by the committee) is available in the candidate’s parent organization where the candidate proposes to carry out research, VNIT may exempt the stay requirement on campus on case to case basis.
4. In any case minimum stay at VNIT is Six months for completion of course work and other related research work. If he/she fails to do so, he/she has to stay another six months at VNIT Nagpur to complete the course work. It is candidate’s responsibility to obtain deputation / leave from parent organization.
5. Candidate admitted under this program will be treated as a sponsored candidate at VNIT (degree will be awarded by VNIT).
6. Main Supervisor will be from VNIT and optional qualified Co-supervisor approved by VNIT will be from the candidate’s parent organization.
7. All six monthly seminars should be delivered at VNIT only. Attendance record of the candidate will be maintained at VNIT. In this respect, it may be noted that the attendance in parent organization of candidate where he carries research, duly certified stating that the candidate has substantially (deemed to be full time) carried out research  in the parent organization by Co-supervisor / immediate superior of the candidate, shall be submitted to VNIT before conducting six monthly seminar.

8. As far as possible, co-guide shall also attend the six monthly progress seminar. However, co-guide shall be present for progress seminar and thesis defense viva-voce. No financial assistance will be permissible from VNIT for travel of co-guide.
9. Institute will not provide any stipend or any other financial support (for conferences etc.) to these candidates.
10. Fees to be paid at VNIT as per the norms & policy of the institute as applicable to full time sponsored candidate(s).
11. Candidates should satisfy all degree requirements (including publications) as specified by VNIT for the award of Ph.D. degree.
12. It is clarified that candidate from academic institute is not considered under this  scheme, since such candidates have the opportunity for doing full time Ph.D. program through schemes like Quality Improvement Program (QIP) and Full Time Ph.D. with teaching assistantship and Ph.D. full time sponsored (place of research will be VNIT only)
13. In case candidate fails to complete the course work within one year from the date of registration, his/her admission stands canceled automatically and no further extension will be granted.
3. Emoluments/Stipend/fellowship for full-time Ph.D. scholars

3.1. Cat. 1 & Cat 2 Candidates with Teaching Assistantship.
1. Fellowship amount
No. Qualifying Degree Fellowship per month
i) Post Graduate (M. Sc. or equivalent) Degree in Basic Science/Humanities with NET/GATE

Qualification or Graduate Degree in Professional Course with NET/ GATE  Qualification Rs. 31,000/- (for all years)
ii) Post Graduate degree in engineering/ technology (M.E./M.Tech./M.Arch. or equivalent) with NET/GATE qualification Rs. 31,000/- (1st & 2nd Year) Rs. 35,000/- (3rd & 4th years) Rs. 31,000/- (5th year)

2. Enhancement in fellowship after 2nd year and extension after 4th year, both, will be subject to the satisfactory progress assessment by a review committee.
3. Fellowship shall be extended for maximum five years only subject to conditions.
3.2. Cat.3 SRF/ JRF admitted for PhD shall get fellowship from the corresponding project fund till the completion of project. Such candidates are eligible for financial support at minimum rate from institute fund for maximum one year after completion of their corresponding project
or maximum up-to four years from the Ph. D. registration whichever is earlier.
3.3. Institute will not provide any stipend or any other financial support to Cat. 4 and Cat. 5 sponsored candidates.

4.2 Conditions

1. Candidates will be required to complete the course work within one year of joining the program.
2. Ph.D. scholars can register / enroll for only 400 or 500 or higher level courses. Ph.D. scholars are exempted from pre-requisite requirements for all courses.
3. RPC may recommend for undergoing instruction in communication skills course if needed. In that case a research scholar shall be required to register for communication skills course as an audit course.
4. Minimum CGPA requirement for the course work is 6.0. In case of scholar with teaching assistantship, the amount paid towards teaching assistantship shall be reduced if CGPA at the end of any semester fall below 6.0, to be restored after makeup.

5. Full time Ph.D. scholar is not allowed to work (part time / full time) outside the Institute.

Seminars/ pre-submission seminar during Ph.D. work

1. A scholar is required to give a progress seminar on his / her project work every six months in concerned department during the Ph.D. seminar weeks indicated in academic calendar.
2. The time-table for six monthly seminars shall be displayed by the HoD at least 15 days prior to the seminar. A brief write-up outlining the work previously done, the current status and the future plans also should be submitted to the RPC members at least 3 days prior to date of seminar.
3. Report of the RPC after each six monthly progress seminar shall be duly forwarded to the office of the Dean (R&C) by the concerned department, in a format available on website.
4. Six monthly seminars shall be conducted only if annual fees are paid. No further seminar shall be conducted without payment of fees.

5. Report of six monthly seminars is required to be submitted to Dean(R&C) office within 15 days period after the last date of delivering the seminar mentioned in the academic calendar. The consolidated summary sheet along with copies of seminar reports and other documents of all candidates should be sent in a single lot. Individual seminar report of candidate will not be accepted.

6. Pre Submission Seminar – In case there is a need to organize pre-submission Seminar of Ph.D. scholar before completion of minimum duration for Ph.D. thesis submission, such pre-submission seminar may be permitted upto the duration of one month before the completion of minimum duration.


For Ph.D. in Engineering

The candidate should possess a Post Graduate degree in Engineering/ Technology (M.E./M.Tech. or equivalent) in the relevant branch/ discipline. The candidate should have a valid GATE Score.

For Ph.D. in Architecture & Planning

The candidate should possess a Post Graduate Degree in Architecture and Planning (ME, M. Tech. M. Arch, M. Plan. or equivalent) along with a valid GATE/ NET Score.

For Ph.D. in Applied Sciences

The candidate should possess a Post Graduate Degree (M. Sc./M.A. or equivalent) in Basic Sciences/ Humanities along with a valid GATE/ NET Score.

The candidate having secured Government Fellowship i.e, DST fellowship, CSIR fellowship, UGC fellowship can apply for a Ph.D. program at VNIT even if the candidate does not have valid GATE scores/ NET qualification or candidate has not appeared for GATE/ NET.

Candidates, whose M.E./ M.Tech/ M.Arch./ M.Plan./ M.Sc. result is awaited, can also apply for a Ph.D. program. They will have to submit the result of M.E./ M.Tech/ M.Arch./ M.Plan./ M.Sc. exam to Academic Section, till that time their registration will be provisional.


  • For Post Graduate (M. Sc. or equivalent) Degree in Basic Science/Humanities with NET/GATE Qualification or Graduate Degree in Professional Course with NET/ GATE Qualification: Rs. 31,000/- (for all years)
  • Post Graduate degree in engineering/ technology (M.E./M.Tech./M.Arch. or equivalent) with NET/GATE qualification: Rs. 31,000/- (1st & 2nd Year); Rs. 35,000/- (3rd & 4th years); Rs. 31,000/- (5th year).

How to Apply?

To download the application form, click here.

Candidate has to pay an application fee of Rs 500/- online through “State Bank Collect”. The duly filled application form, along with photocopies of the certificates (self-attested) & photograph, and copy of SBI Collect receipt, should be sent by post or hand-delivered to The Joint Registrar (Academic), VNIT, South Ambazari Road, Nagpur – 440010 (M.S.).

Candidates should mention on the Envelope: Ph.D.- Name of Department. The last date to apply is July 30, 2020.

Ph.D  Admission July-2020

  1. Guidelines, Rules and Regulation Governing PhD (Full Time) Programs. (PDF file)
  2. Information Brochure Admission to PhD (Full time) Programs July-2020. (PDF file)
  3. Guidelines , Rules and Regulations of PhD (Part Time) Programs and Information Brochure July-2020. (PDF File)
  4. Application form for admission to PhD Programs July-2020. (Word & PDF File)

For more details refer the Official Website :    http://vnit.ac.in/

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