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Qualification: There are various types of related courses available with universities and other institutions; these are certificate, diploma and degree courses. Qualifications depend on the level of the course. An acquaintance with a foreign language is always advisable for joining this field. This can be obtained through short term training courses moving from basic to advanced levels with the institutions like Alliance Francaise (www.afindia.org) or Max Muller Bhavan (www.goethe.de/unn/adr/wwt/ina/deindex.hem)

Reputed Institutions In India:

1. School of Language, Literature and Cultural Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi (www.jnu.ac.in)

2. Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad, (www.ciefl.ac.in)

3. University of Delhi (www.du.ac.in)

4. University of Mumbai (www.mu.ac.in)

5. Instituto Hispania-Spanish Language & Cultural Centre (www.institutohispania.com)

6. Embassy of Portugal, Instituto Camoes-Portughese Cultural Centre, New Delhi (www.icccpindia.com)

7. Indo-Japanese Association, Oricon House, 7th Floor, 12 k Dubash Marg, Mumbai

8. JN Academy of Languages, New Delhi (www.bvbdelhi.org)

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