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The IET India Scholarship Award 2015

IET India Scholarship Award

IET India Scholarship Award : The IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology), India instituted the annual IET Scholarship Awards in 2013 to underline the organisation?s commitment to India?s engineering community and to incentivise young people entering the engineering and technology profession. The IET India Scholarship will be given on merit-based selection criteria. The total scholarship amount is Rs.8,00,000/-.

The IET India Scholarship programme has been designed to reward and celebrate individual excellence and innovation among undergraduate engineering students. B.Tech students from AICTE/UGC-approved institutions from across the nation can apply for the scholarships across two categories - General and Women.

Advisory Committee : IET India had set up the IET India Advisory Committee in June 2012, to build a strong framework for IET India Scholarship Awards. Members of the Advisory committee comprises of the some of the best and senior academicians in India. The Advisory Committee has provided guidance and valuable insights to set up a rigorous and world-class evaluation and shortlisting process for the Scholarship Award.

Response : The 2013 and 2014 editions of the India Scholarship Award received tremendous response from the engineering community with over 9,000 entries from students across India for the both the years.

Evaluation : The India Scholarship award evaluates participants across rigorous parameters that include include academic performance, extracurricular activities, range of outreach activities and their ability to come up with engineering solutions to solve problems impacting society.

About the IET : Founded 140 years ago, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), earlier known as (IEE) is one of the world?s leading professional societies for the engineering and technology community. The IET is based in the UK and has 163,000+ members in 127 countries, with active networks of members in 37 countries.

In India, the IET has over 12,000 members, 8 Local Networks and focuses on the Energy, Information and Communications, Transport and Built Environment sectors.

Part of its remit is promoting, recognising and rewarding excellence and it does this through four awards programmes: The Ambition Awards, Achievement Awards, Innovation Awards and Young Woman Engineer of the Year Awards. The IET India Scholarship award is part of the IET Ambition Awards programme that includes a range of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships, competitions and travel awards encouraging young people to enter the engineering and technology profession and providing financial support throughout university. For more details, please visit

For more details please refer the Website :The IET India Scholarship Award 2015

The IET India Scholarship Award 2015