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Study In Germany Education Guide For Students

Study In Germany

Study In Germany Education Guide For Students


Study In Germany Education Guide For Students

Around 312 state and state recognised higher education institutions serve higher education in Germany. They are divided into three types. These comprise universities and equivalent higher education institutions such as technical universities, comprehensive universities (Gesamthochschulen) and specialised institutions at university level (e,g. medicine, sport, administrative studies, philosophy and theology). A second strand of higher education establishment is the Kunst-und Musikhochschulen which, as well as the corresponding subject areas in the universities and Gesamthochschulen, provide training in the fine arts and performing arts and also in music subjects. Only universities and equivalent institutions are entitled to confer doctorates.

There are two semesters in each academic year. The standard study period (degree programme) is normally eight to ten semesters at universities and at Fachho-chschulen (institutions that have the task of providing students with practical training on an academic or artistic basis) six semesters, or eight semesters for degree programmes with integrated practical semesters. Degree programmes and teaching at Fachhochschulen are oriented towards vocational studies,and the practical requirements of working life. Fachhochschulen offer shorter courses than the universities and arts and music colleges, particularly in the engineering disciplines, business administration, social work and creative arts.

Language - German is the language of instruction for all lectures, classes and seminars. You will be required to pass a German language test to be admitted to, or registered with, a higher education institution. This is usually administered by the institution itself and is taken before you start your studies. There are various language courses available through the German cultural institute (the Goethe-Institute) in Germany or abroad, as well as courses offered by language schoolsand higher education institutions in Germany; these in elude summer holiday courses, pre-study courses and courses accompanying regular study.

Students from all over the world study and research at one of the more than 300 universities in Germany. They've enrolled at universities that have a wide range of scientific fields on offer or at universities of a pp lied scie nee with very specific, application-oriented programs.

German universities are open to all interested students from abroad who fulfil the academic entrance requirements. The best place for information concerning prerequisites and needed language skills is the German Academic Exchange Service, Languages skills suffice before you begin studying. There are several examinations you can take. There is one exception, however: if you'd like to enrol in an international program taught in English at a German university, you usually don't have to prove your proficiency in the German language. Instead, you need to prove that your command of the English language is excellent - you might have to present your TOEFL score (Test of English as a Foreign Language), for instance,

To study in Germany, you have to prove that you know German language very well. The exception to this rule is the international programs taught in English. The easiest way to learn the German language is, by being in Germany. Vou can attend one of the international summer courses available at universities in Germany. Participants live with host families during the time they attend a summer course. The courses themselves cost somewhere from 30Q to 650 Euro. Goethe Institutes offer language instruction at all levels. They also conduct preparatory courses for higher-level examinations. Deutsche Welle offers free language courses through the Internet.

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Study In Germany Education Guide For Students