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Study In Slovakia Education Information Sources

Study In Slovakia

Study In Slovakia Education Information Sources


Study In Slovakia Education Information Sources

Study In Slovakia Education Information Sources

Study In Slovakia Education Information For Students

The Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Slovakia was established in 1657 as the second classical University in Slovakia. The faculty of Medicine was created in 1948. The current structure includes Four faculties;

Medicine, Science, Law and Public Administration

Bachelor's, Master's and Doctor's and Ph.D studies.

English Medium as well as Slovak is available.

After the Universities in England and Ireland, the Slovakian University has emerged as the best alternative to study Medicine/Surgery/Dentistry in English Medium.

Stage 1: Bachelor study programme: 3-4 years - title: "Bachelor"

Stage 2 or Stage 1+Stage 2 (stage 2 lasts 1 -3 years)

Master's study programme; title: "Master" (in art studies: Master of Arts); additional titles after passing a doctoral viva voce are:

* in natural science "doctor of Natural Sciences" ; b. in natural science "Doctor of Pharmacy"; c. in social sciences and art sciences "Doctor of Philosophy"; d. in law studies "Doctor of Laws"; e. in teaching and PE studies "Doctor of Pedagogy"; f. in theology (except for Catholic theology) "Doctor of Theology";

Doctor study programme: titles: a. in human medicine: "Doctor of Medicine.

* in veterinary medicine: "Doctor of Veterinary Medicine";

* in dental medicine: "doctor of Dental Medicine" studying since 2003.

Stage 3: Doctorand study programme; 3-4 years; titles (placed behind the name):

a. basic title "Phiiosophiae Doctor"; b. in art studies "Doctor Artis"; c. in Catholic theology "Licentiate of Theology" or "Doctor of Theology".

Specialisation studies in medicine.

Admission requirements

Admission to the graduate courses offered through the ISS (see graduate courses here) requires the applicant to meet the general admission requirements and to hold and undergraduate (bachelor's) degree in a relevant discipline to the course in question. In most cases, admission to the graduate courses also requires specific professional experience. Please study the course description of the graduate course you are interested in and particularly the course-specific admission requirements. Tailor your application towards the focus of the gradu-ate cou rse, and note th at o ne c an on ly a p ply to one graduate course at the ISS.

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Study In Slovakia Education Information Sources