LSE India Scholarships

LSE India Scholarships

LSE India Scholarships

LSE is delighted to announce that it is making available 50 scholarships to students from India studying a Masterís programme at the School starting in 2013. Scholarships will range in value from £3,000 to £32,000 depending on financial need. Students must be holding an offer of a place on an LSE Masterís programme by 30 April 2013 to be eligible for an award and scholarships will be made on the basis of financial need.

LSE Director Professor Craig Calhoun said ďLSE has enjoyed a strong relationship with India for over a century. This has included welcoming thousands of Indian students to study at the School during this time. We want to ensure that LSEís doors are open to all talented students, regardless of financial circumstances, and are delighted to cement this relationship further by offering 50 scholarships, for graduate study, for students from India.Ē

How to apply :

To apply for one of these awards you should first of all apply for a place on one of our graduate programmes. Our list of available Masterís programmes can be found on the graduate admissions website

Once you have applied for a place at the School you should complete the LSEGraduate Financial Support application form. A link to this will be sent to you when we acknowledge receipt of your application. Please follow the instructions provided and complete all sections of the form. This form is used by the Financial Support Office to assess candidatesí eligibility for all awards available at LSE, including the new Indian graduate scholarships. If you have already received an offer of a place for 2013, but have not previously applied for financial support then you can do so at any point until 26 April 2013.

Eligibility :

Students from India are eligible to receive these awards. Candidates must be holding an offer of place on a Masterís programme at the School by 30 April 2013. Assessment for an award will be made on the basis of financial need. It is therefore important that you complete the LSE Graduate Financial Support form, in full, accurately and promptly.

Notification of the award :

We will let candidates know whether they have received an award and of the value of that award in one of two ways.

a) Candidates will be advised, via information published on the graduate application web tracker, whether they have been made an award through the GSS route.

b) Candidates with financial need who are not made an award through the GSS route will be considered for another award in June 2013. Successful candidates will then be notified of the decision by the end of July.

For more information on the scholarships for Indian students please email

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LSE India Scholarships