NIRANKARI RAJMATA SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME By Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation


Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation had earlier launched a Scholarship Scheme to provide Financial Assistance to Meritorious Students from the academic year 2014-15, on the basis of ?Merit-Cum-Means?, to enable them to pursue Professional and Technical Courses at Graduate and Post-Graduate levels to excel in their life. The scheme has evolved an objective and transparent mechanism to assist the eligible, meritorious and needy students. The Scholarship Scheme has been named as ?NIRANKARI RAJMATA SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME? from the Academic Year 2015?16.


1. This Scholarship Scheme is open to all the students, who fulfill the eligibility criteria as laid down herein below and wish to pursue higher study in India only. The 50% of Scholarship amount is reserved for girls. However, this amount can be used for other students, if girl students are lesser than the reserved level.

2. For this Scholarship Scheme, a duly constituted committee of Education Department of Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation will assess the economic condition and financial position of the applicant?s family. This committee will consist of four members i.e. Member Incharge/Additional Member Incharge Education, Administrator Education, one Educationist and one Advocate. The Committee will take into account all the relevant factors like the livelihood pattern of the family, the nature and number of dependents, the socio-economic strata of the family, the financial requirements of the student and the family, the nature of schooling and academic merit of the applicant, and other parameters like attitude and behaviour of the applicant and his family or any other aspect as may be decided by the Committee from time to time. In certain cases, the education committee may recommend inspection of the home and the living standard of the family.

Based on the recommendations of this Committee, we will sanction financial assistance to the promising and needy students.

3. The financial assistance to be offered to an applicant will depend on the requirement and capability of the student to pursue the relevant course. The applicant must have the offer of admission in hand in any of the following disciplines in the Institutions/Colleges recognized by the State/Central Government and have secured not less than 95% marks in Class XII of the examination :-

a) Graduate Degree in Medicine in Allopathic and/or Ayurvedic and/or Homeopathic.

b) Graduate Degree in any discipline of Engineering.

c) MBA / PGDM.

d) Architecture.

e) Chartered Accountancy after securing a minimum of 95% marks in class XII and qualifying CPT conducted by Institutions of Chartered Accountants of India.

f) CFA after securing a minimum of 95% marks in Class XII and qualifying Foundation Test.

g) LLB after securing a minimum of 95% marks in Class XII and passing Entrance Test for LLB or after qualifying Degree Exams.

4. The applicant must have been offered admission in any of the Institutions/Colleges recognized by the Govt. of India, through a written competitive examination. A student securing admission through management quota or any other method except a written competitive entrance examination shall not be considered for scholarship. The Education Committee will access the same on case to case basis.

5. This scholarship is open for students as under :

a) 1st year students of all the courses mentioned above.

b) All the beneficiaries of our previous year scholarship scheme, if eligible and otherwise in order.

6. In the event of the non-passing of the examination in any year by the student during the course, the scholarship shall be discontinued. However, if the student could not take the examination in that particular year, due to circumstances beyond his/her control, the Member Incharge, Education may consider such case on merit for restoring the scholarship.

7. The submission of application for consideration of the request for financial assistance does not per se create any right in favour of the student / the applicant for the grant of financial assistance under this scheme. The grant of financial assistance is subject to fulfillment of the eligibility and capability criteria set-out under this scheme. The decision of Education Committee, SNCF shall be final in this regard and no request for reconsideration of the recommendations shall be entertained further.

8. The application for scholarship to deserving students will be invited every year so that their financial status and other criteria like academic performance and behavioural/ attitudinal aspects for selection can be reviewed before making payment of tuition fee for that particular year. The tuition fees for the entire course will not be sanctioned/approved at one go.

9. Only Tuition Fee will be paid.

Note: The educational assistance or scholarship under this scheme is either applicable to the scheme of Sant Nirankari Mandal or Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation and not to both.


1. The applicant should be a regular student of any recognized University / Educational Institution of India, admitted through a competitive written test.

2. The income of the family from all sources, to which the applicant belongs to, should not be more than Rs.3.50 lacs per annum.

3. The applicant/applicant?s family should submit latest pay slips and I.T.R of all the earning family members or a family Income Certificate issued by the SDM or any other officer authorized in this behalf by the Revenue Department indicating that the total annual income of the family is not more than Rs. 3.50 lakhs. The date of issue of Income Certificate should not be more than three months prior to the date of submission of application.

4. Following students/applicants shall not be eligible for grant of financial assistance under this Scholarship scheme:

(a) The students who have taken admission through the Management Quota Scheme of the University / Educational Institution.

(b) The students who have the status of failure in any of the subjects in any of the previous semesters/years.

(c) The applicant detained in any semester/year examination due to shortage of attendance.

(d) The applicant penalized by the University or the Institutes for any act of indiscipline during the course.

(e) The students who have taken scholarship from any other source.

(f) No scholarship will be given for pursuing courses through Correspondence or Distance Education.

Note: The applicants are required to submit application on prescribed format of SNCF alongwith all requisite documents. The application complete in all respect can also be submitted online through E-Mail Id


(a) Duly filled-in and affixed photographed application form on the prescribed format for each academic year.

(b) A copy of latest pay slip and I.T. Returns of all the earning members of the family.


Copy of the family Income Certificate issued by the Area SDM.

(c) The Admission Slip/letter by which the applicant has been offered admission by the University/Educational Institution.

(d) Mark Sheets of all previous academic qualifications, starting from class-X.

(e) Certificates of Class X and XII examination.

(f) Copy of results of all semesters? examinations passed.

(g) Copy of latest fee receipts issued by the University/Institutes.

(h) Details of the fee including Tuition Fee, Library, Hostel, Books etc. duly signed by the Principal/Administrator of the Institute may be attached with the application.

(i) A certificate by the institution stating that the candidate will not/has not been granted scholarship under any scheme of other private organization or religious or spiritual organization or Government authorities, has not taken admission through Management Quota or any other Quota and also confirm that his/her family income from all sources does not exceed Rs.3.50 lakhs per annum.

(j) Copy of Ration Card / Aadhar Card / Voter I-Card / Pass-Port / Pan-Card or any other residence proof.

(k) Statement of Bank Account of the father/mother/self for the last six months.

(l) Copy of passbook and a cancelled cheque of saving bank account of applicant for remittance of financial assistance, in cases where the applicant has already deposited the fee in the Institute / College and is seeking reimbursement. The Bank Account should be in the name of student. Name of student, bank account no. & IFSC Code must be mentioned on the copy of passbook/cheque. Otherwise, fee should be paid directly to the Institute / College.

Note: All the documents, testimonials submitted with the application form should be self-attested.


(a) Duly filled-in application form with all the requisite documents should be submitted to the Member Incharge, Education Department, Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation on or before the closing date for submission of applications viz September 30, 2016. No application will be received after this date. The list of applicants who have been approved for financial assistance by the Competent Authority under this scheme shall be notified on the Website of SNCF by 31.10.2016. Till then, no query or reminder please.

(b) No column of the form should be left blank.

(c) The Education Department, shall submit annual requirement of funds to Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation. After approval of the same, the Education Committee will pick up the most deserving candidates within the sanctioned budget every year. Cheques to successful candidates will be distributed by 31.12.2016.


(a) The applicants and their guardians may be called to appear before the Education Committee as per the schedule and venue notified on the website of Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation.

(i) The applicant, if so required will have to produce the documents in original based on which the eligibility for claim of financial assistance is made.

(ii) If so, the applicant should also carry a self-attested copy of all the documents based on which the eligibility and the request for grant of financial assistance is made.

(b) The applicants and their parents, who do not appear before the committee on scheduled date and time, will forfeit their claim of financial assistance. No request for personal appearance before committee will be considered after the scheduled date except those who have obtained prior approval from the Member Incharge, Education Department, Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation due to exigencies, if any.

(c) The list of applicants who have been approved for financial assistance by the Competent Authority under this scheme shall be notified on the Website of SNCF.

(d) All the applicants, who apply under this scheme, are advised to access the website on regular intervals for updates.

For more details & Eligibility, Terms and Conditions please refer the Website : NIRANKARI RAJMATA SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME