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Asian Cultural Council ACC Fellowship

Asian Cultural Council Fellowship


Asian Cultural Council Fellowship ACC 2005


Annual award to support cultural exchange between Asia and the U.S. in the performing and visual arts, primarily by funding students from Asia for study, research, travel, and creative work in the U.S.

Field of Study:

Visual and performing arts


East and Southeast Asian artists, scholars, students, and specialists for work in the U.S. Some fellowships are awarded to Americans for similar work in Asia.


Fellowships are awarded for periods up to twelve months in duration, providing round-trip international air transportation, per diem, domestic travel, maintenance, medical insurance allowances, and some educational expenses.





February 1 is the primary application deadline; some applications may be accepted August 1.

Those wishing to apply should send a brief description of their proposal to:

Asian Cultural Council, 437 Madison Avenue, 37th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10022-7001. Tel: 212-812-4300 FAX: 212-812-4299. Email:

Reference Website:

Asian Cultural Council ACC Fellowship