Ernst Schering Foundation Fellowships

Ernst Schering Foundation Fellowships

Ernst Schering Foundation Fellowships

Everything you need to know about the postdoctoral fellowships

Who is eligible to apply?

Biologists, chemists, medical students, pharmacists or postdoctoral students of appropriate interdisciplinary study courses (e.g. bioinformatics, biochemistry) who have completed their studies and their doctoral degree with outstanding results and who are not older than 33 years of age. Furthermore the applicants should have at least one published article in a peer-review journal as principle author. The nationality of the applicant is irrelevant.

Project Subject Matter

Support will be given to projects that deal with subjects from the area of basic research, particularly from the areas of cell or development biology, molecular diagnostics (molecular imaging), endocrinology, immunology, neurosciences, oncology, reproduction biology and chemistry. Projects from the sectors of botany, ecology, systematics and dentistry will not be sponsored. Projects focused on clinical studies are also excluded.

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