Doctoral And Professional Research Fellowships

Fulbright Doctoral And Professional Research Fellowships

Fulbright Doctoral And Professional Research Fellowships

These research fellowships are offered, for a maximum period of nine months, in the following areas of specialization:

The United Sates: for scholars who are registered for a Ph.D. at an Indian institution on topics related to American literature, history, government, economics, and cultural anthropology, religion in the U.S., international relations, film studies, and multiculturalism;

Special Education: for scholars doing their Ph.Ds in India on topics related to Special Education OR for professionals with post-graduate degrees, working in organizations that focus on individuals with special needs. Special Education includes education of individuals with mental retardation, behavior disorders, learning disabilities, physical challenges, and speech and language disabilities;

Strategic Studies: for scholars doing their Ph.Ds or professionals with postgraduate degrees and two years of professional experience on topics related to culture of peace, conflict management, humanitarian assistance, restorative justice, advocacy, and human rights;

"New India" Fields: for for scholars doing their Ph.Ds or professionals with postgraduate degrees and substantive professional experience in fields of agriculture, civic engagement (voluntary sector and allied studies), environment, global business studies, media technology (cinema studies including digital cinema), public health, science and technology policy and management, and urban studies.

Grant Benefits:

The fellowships provide a monthly stipend, limited health insurance, round-trip economy class air travel, applicable allowances and modest affiliation fees, if any. Selected scholars will have opportunities to audit non-degree courses, conduct research and gain practical work experience in suitable settings in the U.S. No allowances are provided for dependents. The grant is not sufficient to support family members.

Eligibility Requirements:

In addition to the General Prerequisites for all, the applicants:

* who are working on their Ph.Ds should have done adequate research in the relevant field, especially in the identification of resources in India and the U.S. They should be registered for their Ph.Ds at an Indian institution at least one year prior to the date of application and should enclose a certificate from their Ph.D. supervisor commenting on their research work and the usefulness of the fellowship. The certificate should also indicate the Ph.D. registration date

* who are professionals must be eligible for leave, indicate that leave will be granted for the fellowship and enclose a certificate from the employer on the nature of their work and the usefulness of the fellowship;

* should preferably be 45 years of age or under;

* should give an undertaking to return to India on the completion of the fellowship;

* should enclose a 'writing sample' which could be a copy of an article or paper published/presented or extracts from the Ph.D./M.Phil. thesis.

How to Apply:

Please refer to Application Procedure and Guidelines and Download Forms.

For More Informations visit :

Application Due Date: Receipt of completed applications at USEFI: July 16, 2007.

Fulbright Doctoral And Professional Research Fellowships