Post Graduate Internship Program

Post Graduate Internship Program 2011

The National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, TIFR, Pune, invites applications for a one-year post-graduate internship program in radio astronomy, beginning in August 2011. This program has the aim of orienting bright and motivated students with a B.E.oraB.Tech. degree towards a research career in astronomy, particularly at radio wavelengths where NCRA operates the world's largest radio interferometer, the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope. The program consists of a year of courses in basic physics {classical & quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics & electrodynamics) at the Master's level, allied with exposure to computation, data analysis, astrophysics and radio astronomy. After successful completion of the first year, the interns will be required to pass an entrance examination and interview; students passing these qualifiers will be eligible to pin NCRA as research scholars and work towards a Ph.D. degree. While equipping engineering students with a healthy knowledge of basic physics to allow them entry into the NCRA Ph.D. program is the primary goal of the internship program, the skills and experience that the students will acquire have broader applicability in other branches of astronomy and physics.

Students who expect to complete their B.E/B.Tech. degree requirements by August 2011 are eligible to apply for the internship programme. For further information & the online application and referee forms, please see

The last date to receive the online application and referee forms is October 1,2010.

The written test will be held on December 22,2010.

Short-listed candidates will be interviewed on December 22 and/or 23,2010.

Post Graduate Internship Program 2011