Udayan Shalini Fellowships Programme

Udayan Shalini Fellowships Programme

Udayan Shalini Fellowships Programme

Udayan Care (Public Charitable Trust)'s Udayan Shalini Fellowships programme is a unique academic excellence and personality development programme for deserving and talented girls from weak socio- economic background aiming to turn them into empowered and dignified women or Shalinis. Each Fellow stays in the programme till she finishes her course, which is an average period of 5-6 years. The Fellows are selected through a time tested elaborate system based on the basic criteria of Need, Ambition and Talent (NAT), designed with the help of the core committee of this programme which comprises of experienced educationists - This includes an application process, written test, interview and home visits. Once a girl is screened and selected, she is called an Udayan Shalini Fellow (Shalini). Udayan Shalini Fellowships has grown from supporting just 72 girls in 2002 in Delhi, in the last 9 years of its running, the programme has impacted over 2070 girls through holding 10 batches in Delhi, 6 in Kurukshetra, 5 in Kolkata,3 in Aurangabad and 4 in Dehradun. There are more than 100 mentors including alumnae fellows. Many of the Fellows have gone on to pursue prestigious careers as Engineers, Doctors, professionals, CAs, Scientists besides other courses.

This year 500 fellowships are available in 6 cities Delhi (100), Kolkata (100), Kurukshetra (100), Dehradun (100), Aurangabad (50) and Phagwara (50). The Organization is inviting applications between July 1, 2012 to July 31, 2012. The written test will take place in the month of August 2012. Further details will be available on application form.


1. Female Indian citizen, permanent resident of Delhi / Kurukshetra / Kolkata / Dehradun / Aurangabad & Phagwara.

2. Applicant should be admitted in class 11th in a government school only, prior to seeking Fellowship.

3. Minimum marks required for academic courses are 60% in class 10th.

4. Total income of the family members/ guardian not to exceed Rs. 96, 000/- per year.

If you happen to come across disadvantaged girls from such a background and who fulfill the above said criteria please ask the students to contact the people mentioned below for application forms. Students can also download forms from www.udayancare.org.

Mohd. Faheem Khan Senior Manager Udayan Shalini Fellowships

Contact persons and numbers:

1. Mr. M. Faheem Khan (Delhi) - 9873050337 / 46548105/06

2. Mr. Parimal Ch Das (Kolkata) - 9051689951 / 033-40015056

3. Ms. Preeti Pundir (Dehradun) - 9897506253 / 0135-2650093

4. Mr. Dharampal (Kurukshetra) - 9416206333 / 01744-222122

5. Mr. Raiyan Sabir (Phagwara) - 8882482760

Website :www.udayancare.org

Udayan Shalini Fellowships Programme