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Foreign Languages In the age of information super- highways, we all have become world citizens. Advent of the process of globalisation has made the coming together of people from different countries much more easier. Opening up of economies has resulted in MNCs coming to our country and setting up business here. And it is precisely because of this that learning foreign languages is not merely an advantage for all those who want to work abroad but also for those who want to grow in life. Obviously, opportunities to learn these languages is also increasing. In addition to numerous freelance options, language professionals find application in various sectors like aviation, hotel management, tourism, teaching, etc.

Earlier, teaching was the traditional choice of language graduates, but things have undergone a sea change and a wide variety of lucrative careers is available.

To become a General Translator you should have excellent writing skills and a strong vocabulary in at least two languages. This profession poses various challenges because different languages generally do not have same syntactical pattern and many words and phases do not have equivalents in other languages.

In recent years the need to translate reports, contracts and various business documents for MNCs set up in India has grown many folds. This kind of translation is Technical Translation. The corporate houses approach various translation centres for this purpose.

The job of interpretation involves a lot of trust because it is the interpreter only who knows the crux of the conversation which is going on. Further, the interpreter must possess very high proficiency over the language concerned because unlike the translator he does not enjoy the facility of a dictionary. The work has to be done on the instant. A good awareness of the current developments and the familiarity with new technical terms would definitely help them in being more successful. Generally, interpreters find job as tourist guides. After specialisation they can also work at international seminars and meetings.

When recorded audio reports are translated into text format, the process is known as transcription. With more and more professionals relying on skilled transcriptionists, it has become a very fast growing industry. The most popular job of medical transcriptionist, requires a knowledge of medical terms and familiarity with the American accent is essential.

Teaching is the most traditional choice of a language graduate and still is very popular. Various schools, colleges and specialised language institutions provide different avenues to the graduates. After acquiring experience you can also prepare teaching materials like books and CDs. Teaching can also be done on a freelance basis. Proficiency in at least two languages and possession of excellent communication skills is a must to become a successful language teacher. He/She should also be able to work under pressure. And with time the deemand for language teachers is ever increasing.

Apart from the aforementioned options, people with a knowledge of a foreign language can find jobs as airhostess and flight stewards. For all those executives and students who wish to travel to the non - English speaking countries for either work or further studies, the knowledge of a relevant foreign language is a must. It can also prove beneficial to those businessmen who intend to expand their business.

There are only a few institutes which insist on completion of Plus Two, otherwise, most of them do not have any eligibility criteria for admission.

Remuneration in this field depends upon the employer, skills and experience. The nature of job also makes a difference. For example, a translator can expect to earn between Rs.150 to Rs. 300 per page for Indian languages, between Rs. 300 to Rs. 500 for popular foreign languages such as French and German, and upto Rs. 750 per page for Japanese or Arabic.


People wishing to make a career in this field must have the aptitude to grasp the use of language. They need to have adaptability, good people's skill and an attitude for reaching out. It takes time to gain proficiency in language hence patience and perseverance is required.


Language specialist can find ample opportunities in Travel and Tourism industry, Mass Communication, Embassy and Diplomatic services, Public Relations Assignments. UNO also appoints Interpreters and Translators in Six official languages for which an Entrance Exam is conducted.

Translators are employed by Industries, government departments, international organisatons and research organisations. Language Teaching is also an area where language specialists can find a good job opportunity. Language specialists can also work as free lancers.

Languages: Japanese, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Persian, Arabic and French.

List Of Institutions For language Studies

1. School of Languages - Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

2. Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages (CIEFL) - Hyderbad Website :

3. Benaras Hindu University - Varanasi

4. University of Delhi - New Delhi

5. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Languages - New Delhi

6. Alliance Francasie - 15 branches across the country.

7. Max Mueller Bhavan- major metros.

8. Indo - Italian Chamber of Commerce - Mumbai

9. Japanese Information and Cultural Centre - New Delhi

10. International Institute of Tamil Sciences - Chennai

11. Eastern Regional Languages Centre - Bhubaneswar

12. Ram Krishna Mission - Kolkata

13. Urdu Training and Research Centre - Lucknow

14. Western Regional Language Centre - Pune.

15. Indo-Japan Chamber Of Commerce & Industry, No.21, K.B. Dasan Road, Teynampet, Chennai - 600 018,

Phone : 044-24352010 / 24354779 , Email :,

URL: ( Learn Japanese From Home)

Foreign Languages - Other Courses And Institutes

Foreign Languages