Kongu Engineering College - One Day National Level Workshop

Kongu Engineering College - One Day National Level Workshop

Department of EEE, Kongu Engineering College, is going to organize One Day National Level Workshop on Hands on Training on "Computational Intelligence Techniques for Power Systems, Renewable Energy Sources Using Advance MATLAB Tool Boxes" (2015b) on 19/03/2016.


Many new challenges are being faced by today's power systems. Two significant challenges are the integration of renewable energy resources into the electric power system and the creation of the deregulated electricity markets. The way of controlling those RES are still updating with advanced controllers. The Innovation of new technologies and updating existing technologies are essential parts of education and research. Now a day?s Computational Intelligence (CI) Techniques have evolved into an active area of research and development, due to the tremendous advances in a broad spectrum of technologies. The integration of CI techniques and tools is used to solve and develop applications related to all aspects of engineering and sciences. It consists of complementary elements of Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithm, Evolutionary Computation and Machine Learning, and offers solutions where conventional approaches fail. This will improve the accuracy and performance of the overall system. This workshop aims to provide a forum for current state-of-the-art approaches of computational intelligence techniques in field of Power Electronics applications to Power Systems, Renewable Energy Sources and its applications using advanced MATLAB Tools.

This workshop explains the concept of various computational Intelligence techniques using theoretical and laboratory-based experimental interactions. This provides the use of MATLAB toolboxes for implementation of CI Techniques for solving problems related to power electronics converters in power quality and power system stability management and technology trends in different Renewable Energy sectors. At the end of the workshop, the participants can apply these techniques in solving simple industrial problems as well as in their B.Tech / M.Tech and Research projects in different areas of science

Reference website : http://www.kongu.ac.in

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Mr.D.Sarathkumar, Assistant Professor, Department of EEE, Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai, Erode-638 052. Mobile:9688427208

E-Mail: sarath.eee@kongu.edu , dsarathkumareee@gmail.com , sarath.eee@kongu.ac.in

Kongu Engineering College - One Day National Level Workshop